21 Different Ways To Say ‘I Love You’

“So many ways to say I LOVE YOU, but not enough words in the world to say HOW MUCH.” ~ Notting Hill Movie (Tweet this)

Whether you’re in love and not quite sure you want to say it out loud yet; or whether you are wondering if your partner loves you even though you’ve never actually heard the three magical words, read this article which lists 21 different ways to say I Love You. It’ll help you express your love and will make your partner feel special. Say it to your loved one loud and clear until it strikes their heart.

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21 Different Ways To Say ‘I Love You’

If you ever ask a person what the most difficult part of being in love is, they’ll tell you it is expressing the love. We all know the importance of these 3 words but don’t want to take the beaten path of communicating the feeling. Here are some different ways to say I Love You.

1. You care

You take care of your partner when he’s ill. You pick her up for your date, so she doesn’t have to walk in the chilly weather. You surprise him with delicious dinner. You give her a back rub. All those little things say that you care for his or her well-being.

And what’s love if not gentle care?

2. You share secrets

I don’t believe that just because you’re in love, you have to tell the other person absolutely everything. And yet, when you love someone, it will only feel natural to share some difficult moments from your childhood, some worries about the future, some secrets you don’t usually tell other people.

You will share your secrets, because you will feel comfortable that your partner will accept you for who you are, with both the good and the bad.

3. You express through physical contact

If you’re in the very beginning of your relationship, this may be holding hands, gentle protective hug when you’re in public or a light peck on the cheek. If you’re in a relationship, it could be passionate lovemaking.

And if you’ve been together for a while, it could be the fact that you still cuddle while watching TV and have sex regularly.

Whatever the circumstances, when there’s love, there’s always physical contact.

It’s worth mentioning that the reverse isn’t true.

4. You communicate through eye contact

You can’t help but look at someone you love. You’re mesmerized by everything they say and do, by the way they look and each one of their movements. And while you can enjoy every part of their body, looking straight into their eyes is usually what signals falling in love.

That’s true not just because you enjoy looking at them, but because you’re hoping to find in their eyes a signal that they love you back.

Yes, we, humans, need constant affirmation that we’re loved—hence the intense eye contact.

5. You laugh together

There’s no love without laughter. If you’re in love, you have to be able to laugh with this person, to really get his or hers sense of humor and to be able to make him or her laugh too. As a dating coach, when women were trying to decide if a man was right for them, this was one of the first things I would ask them to assess.

The laughter. Everything else may fade away, but as long as you can make each other laugh, you have a great chance of being happy together.

Here are some tips on how to make a girl laugh which is a perfect take to impress her!

6. You are there when going gets tough

Tough times happen. And if you don’t really love someone, that’s when you choose to get away. To run. To just disappear.

Because it’s easy to be around someone who’s happy, but can you be around someone who’s down?

If you can, then you really love this person. And if he does it for you, then he really loves you too.

7. You put them first

You usually put yourself first. We’re all like that. Even when we make compromises, there’s something in it for us. But when we fall in love, compromises come naturally, because we put this person’s happiness so high up on our priority list that it’s sometimes even higher than our own happiness.

So if you let him take you out to a sports bar on your date night because an important game is on; or if he comes with you shopping if only to carry your bags—yes, that’s love.

8. You support unconditionally

Do you believe that your partner can achieve each and every one of his or hers insane dreams? Do you do what needs to be done so that they can act on their insane dreams? Do you think that they are even more capable, smart, good, creative, funny and brave than they think they are? Then you really love them

And if next time you had a bad day at work, your boo listens to the whole story and then tells you not to worry, because you can be or do anything you want in the world, then they really love you too.

9. You compliment

For some people—both men and women—it’s difficult to compliment, mostly because they perceive compliments as something that isn’t true.
That’s why if such a person ever compliments someone, it means a lot.
If you’re like that and you compliment your partner, yes, you are in love. If he’s like that and he compliments you, yes, he is in love. And if you’re both just the type of people who give a lot of compliments to everyone, well, good for you—as long as you’re honest, it’s very possible that we’re talking about l-o-v-e.

10. You remember

When you love someone, you remember the little things, like her favorite chocolate or wine, his favorite Chinese restaurant and movie. These things are important. So if you really want to figure out if you’re falling for someone, see if you know what he loves to do, the places he loves to go, the music he loves to listen to, and maybe even some of the things he absolutely hates. If you’ve found a place in your brain to store all this information, you love him.

And if he brings you the right kind of chocolate next time, he loves you too.

11. You always pick up the phone or answer the message

Yes, I know that sometimes you will be in an important business meeting, and other times you won’t hear the signal for getting a text message. Yet, even then, sooner or later you will reply or return the call.

And mostly, you’ll pick up or reply right there on the spot. The reason?

When we’re in love, we’re so happy to get attention from that person that we can’t keep ourselves from responding when they ask to speak with us.

Of course, the opposite is true too.

If he always picks up, always returns the call, always replies to the message and always responds to all kinds of invitations, yes, he’s in love.

You can go through our article Sweet Text Messages to Send to Your Girlfriend for some amazing ideas to arouse the romance in your girl.

12. You think of them throughout the day

You are the first and last thing on my mind each and eveery day. ~ Unknown (Tweet this)

Do you catch yourself thinking about someone even without actually thinking about him?

He’s just there, in the back of your mind, always. That’s love.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a specific way to find out for certain if someone else thinks about you all the time, unless he or she admits it.

However, if some of the other ways to say I love you that I’m listing here are true—like he always picks up or you light him up, chances are you are always on his mind.

Just by thinking about your love , I’m pretty sure nothing’s gonna work out. So here is a fantastic idea I would suggest you, to take a step beyond just thinking about the person you love. Ask her out for a date! Yes you heard it right. Take him/her out on a date and let each other know that you want to be together for the rest of your lives, say it and say it loud. And yes, that’s love!

13. You light up in their presence

Speaking of lighting someone up, if you just can’t stop yourself from smiling when you see your partner—even if just a moment ago you were in a bad mood—that’s a great way to understand you love someone and a great way for you to understand that someone loves you. When in love, you just can’t be grumpy around each other. It only takes from your time together, and you’d both hate that!

So be together, laugh around, love each other endlessly and don’t forget to thank the reason which is lighting up your life, its your partner!

14. You get inspired

Without ever telling me to, my husband taught me to call my family a lot more often, to call everybody we’re close with on holidays and even to pick up my phone on all calls during my birthday (which I really find boring, though I’m touched by the effort). Because he does it and I admire him, he inspired me to do it too.

He has made me better in so many ways, some intentional, others… not so much. If you’re inspired by someone, you really love him.

And if they actively try to help you become a better, happier human being, they love you too.

15. You accept their drawbacks

My mother says that true love isn’t when you love the positives of a person, but when you can handle the negatives.

Nobody’s perfect, but you can be perfect for each other

If your partner accepts you for who you are, if you’re ok with his or her negatives, if you really don’t mind that he’s throwing his socks wherever he decides to, or that she’s a bit too opinionated in comparison with all your ex-girlfriends, than congratulations! You’ve found love!

16. You give them freedom

Don’t cage your lover. Give your love bird the freedom to fly and to be their own self. (Tweet this)

I’ve discovered through very personal research that freedom is in the top 5 values of practically all people, and in the top 3 of most. The freedom to hang out with whoever you want to, The freedom to do career changes in order to find yourself and be happy, The freedom to travel.

To have a night off from watching your children. And for some, this even includes the freedom to cheat. And while for me this goes one step too far,

The way I can be happy in a relationship is through feeling free to do whatever I want. My husband gives me that and I try to give it right back.

17. You trust them

There are so many different ways to say I love you and to show you care. But “trust” plays a major role in your love life. Trust and freedom go hand in hand. Does your partner trust you? Do you trust them? And if not, do you really want to be in such a relationship, where you have to walk on eggshells all the time?

Trust is the foundation of love.

If there isn’t trust in your relations, you’re probably together not out of love, but out of fear, or for companionship, or… well, I have no idea why!

18. You hang out with their friends

It doesn’t matter whether you like them or not. When Victor and I were still dating, he used to wonder why we were this kind of couple that goes through experiences together….that know each other’s friends and really welcome the other person into our life.

He kept giving me examples with couples that had separate lives, separate friends, separate everything and seemed happy. The only thing was, all those couples broke up within the next year.

Having separate lives is a great concept, but it doesn’t work in practice.

You can have time for yourself, but if you need to have an entirely separate little bubble, something’s off.

And that’s why, if he hangs out with your friends and they are not his friends too, he’s probably really falling for you. And if you do the same, you love him too.

If you are too shy to gel with his/her friends, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. For all the gorgeous women, here are some tips on how impress his friends and for all the boys, here are some super useful tips on how to impress her friends.

19. You respect their family

It’s the same thing like with the friends, but even more important. Meeting the parents is a huge deal and most of us try hard to make a great first impression with his/her family, but staying kind and respectful when it comes to your partner’s family may be getting harder and harder with time.

That’s when you can really understand if someone loves you. Victor?

He even deals with my grandmother gracefully. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

20. You are ready to commit

Committing to the one you love isn’t always the easiest thing. People keep saying that you’re supposed to just “know,” but knowing comes in different forms. For some, it’s the security they feel when you’re together.

For others, it’s the adventure. For some, it’s the love they feel. For others, how loved they are. Ultimately, my super-effective way of cracking this commitment thing open and really figuring out whether you’re ready to commit to someone is asking this question: Do I imagine not being with him/her in a few months? Or in a year or two? If the thought of being single again makes you excited, sorry, that’s not love. But if the thought of not being together again makes you… uncomfortable, then you’re ready to commit

If you are looking for some distinct tips to tell the love of your life that you love them more than anything, here listed are some awesome ideas on how to tell someone you like them. Adapt, propose and have a happy life ahead!

21. You Say “I love you”

And last but not least, “I love you” are not easy words to say.

If someone is telling you they love you—and especially if they say it more than once and not usually right before they ask you to do something for them, then celebrate! They really do love you and love is all you need for a happy relationship!

“When you say, “I LOVE YOU”, you are making promise with someone else’s heart. Try to honor it.” ~ Unknown (Tweet this)


Because love can be found in so much more than words, Wisdom Times hopes these 21 different ways to say I love you only bonds your relationship with your loved one more densely. For all the hopeless romantics out there, we really hope these different ways to say I love you opens up a whole new world and helps you design your happily ever after!

Now that you have your partner for life, you can visit the link to get an extensive idea and tips on how to marry, after all marriage sums up to all those little efforts of persuading your partner to stay with you forever and ever!

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