10 Sweet Text Messages to Send to Your Girlfriend

Sweet Text Messages to Send to Your Girlfriend

Text messages have been around for quite some time now, yet there is still a bit of confusion about texting when it comes to relationships. Text messaging can be confusing when it comes to the proper tone, the proper punctuation, the frequency in which text messages should be sent, and the list goes on.

The following list do not contain rules, but rather suggestions for the most important and sweet text messages to send to your girlfriend – the kind that are guaranteed to keep a smile on her beautiful face.

1. Good Morning

Though “good morning” is incredibly generic, the words are less important than the message behind them. Naturally, you can phrase your “good morning” however you would like.  Personalization is important in a text message, but the vital purpose is to be one of the first people your girlfriend interacts with in her day.

And in her smile, I see something more beautiful than the stars. ~ Beth Revis

Even if the two of you live together, if you are married, or if you had seen each other already that morning, it is still an incredibly moving gesture to wish her good morning. You may choose to text something like, “Have a wonderful day at work!” or “I miss you already” instead of the traditional “Good morning.” Whichever text message you choose, you are sure to make her day.

2. A fact about your day

Even if your day is incredibly ordinary, keeping in touch periodically throughout the day is important for any relationship. Sending a text message with an update on your day lets your partner know that you are thinking of her, and that you enjoy sharing bits of your life with her as well.

From something as simple as “I saw a cute dog on my way to the office this morning,” to something much more exciting – “I got the raise!” Either text message shows that you are thinking of her throughout your busy day.

There is nothing more erotic than a good conversation. ~ Unknown

3. A question about her day

Instead of just sharing your life with her, it is a grand gesture to check in on her day as well. Follow up the exciting text with a fact about your day with a question for her. “How is your day sweetheart?” Something as simple as a general question lets her know that you care about her even when you are not together. Bonus points for a question that is specific to something on her mind. “How was your project presentation?

 4. An invitation

Even if the two of you have been in a relationship for years, it is still absolutely vital to send a text message asking for some of her time. In fact, the longer you have been together, the sweeter it just may be. Sending a text message with the words, “Will you go to dinner with me tonight?” on a Wednesday afternoon to your long-term girlfriend is one of the kindest gestures imaginable.

There is also little fear of rejection – who does not want dinner with their loved one in the middle of the week?

5. A compliment

Though it may seem overly corny, it is indisputable that your girlfriend likes to be noticed by you. If you send her a text message, especially after not seeing her for a few hours (or more), complimenting her on something, it lets her know you are thinking of her, even while you are apart.

Try something like, “Thank you for being so beautiful every day,” or “I really loved that dress you wore to dinner last weekend.” No matter how specific or general your text message is, it will be well received.

6. Reassurance

After a date night out, it is nice to remind a girl that you had a great time, even if you two have been dating for a long time and the assumption is in place. Sending your lady a text message with the sentiment, “I always have the best time with you” is a lasting impression that is sure to make her feel secure in your relationship.

Love is a language spoken by everyone, but understood only by a heart. ~ Shirley Rindani

7. Send a selfie

Okay, okay, selfies can be a little obnoxious, but who said lighthearted is a bad thing? The woman who loves you, loves your face for a reason. If you are apart for awhile, or even if you are only apart for a few hours, sending her a silly picture of your face is a great way to boost her day.

 8. Something cheesy

Really corny “pick-up lines” have a very bad reputation, but some of the most charming people can still pull them off. Sending your girlfriend a text message with a seemingly-lame line in it is a great idea. It is guaranteed to make her smile, and maybe even laugh out loud.

Try texting her a simple, “You make my heart sing,” or for full-on cheesiness, “My love for you will never die.” Tread lightly with these text messages. Coming across too intense can be negative for many women.

9. Gratitude

If your girlfriend recently did something for you – planned a birthday party, bought the perfect Christmas gift, washed your car—it is vital that you thank her. First of all, absolutely thank her in person before you send her the text message version, but it will make a huge impression if you are thanking her days later.

Even a week or two later, sending your girlfriend a message reading, “Thank you so much for the back massage the other night,” will remind her that you are grateful to have her in your life.

10. I love you

I love you, not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. ~  Roy Croft

Maybe the most simple, but most important text message of all, “I love you.” Of course you should tell your girlfriend that you love her in person every single day, but it is vital that you remind  her when she may need it most. Sending a text message is important because you have no idea what is going on in her day; receiving an “I love you” from her loved one may change her mood and help her through the day. Not to mention, everyone likes to hear “I love you”.


Expressing your love may not be easy, but stock up on these simple yet sweet text messages to send to your girlfriend. So go on, pick up your phone and text your love to keep that spark alive. Brighten up her day!

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