How To Impress Her Friends

how to impress her friends

One of the most intimidating parts of a new relationship is trying to figure out How To Impress Her Friends. Meeting the family is one thing, but friends can be a whole other ball game. A girl’s friends are just as important as her family. These are women (and men!) that have been by her side through everything important in her life. Her friends likely knew—and potentially loved—her last partner, so meeting them can be a very scary situation. But take heart! All you need to know for how to impress her friends is right here.

1. Take It Easy

It is definitely acceptable to be entirely too nervous before meeting your girlfriend’s friends.

It can be intimidating to hang out with a group of people who know and love your girlfriend, but remind yourself that she knows and loves you, which means they probably will as well.

The situation is likely nerve-wracking for everyone involved, so take comfort in the fact that you are not alone here. Breathe and take it easy.

2. Show Them You Love Her

It is equally important to pay attention to your girlfriend and to her friends in this situation. What her friends will be looking for is love and affection from you to her. Make sure you prove that you are the right person for their friend. Women tend to be very protective of each other and by proving that you love their friend, you will be doing yourself a favor in the long run.

3. Keep It Light

Discussing hot topic issues upon first introduction may not be the best way to introduce yourself to her friends. Keep the subjects light, regardless of how right or wrong you feel anyone is regarding the topic at hand. Avoiding controversial topics like politics and religion is necessary for a first hang-out.

4. Show Up To Make Friends

Though it seems obvious, it is a good reminder to be friendly in this situation. Show up with your best foot forward.

Your partner’s friends are going to want to see what she sees in you.

By being friendly, chivalrous, kind, and funny, you will be proving what your lady sees in you.

5. Be Kind

As aforementioned, being chivalrous is something that will certainly stand out among her friends. There is no need to overdo it—don’t open every, single, car, door, for every, single, person, for instance—but being a gentleman will go far in this situation. Don’t drink too much, don’t swear a bunch, and make sure you are on your best behavior in general. Your partner’s friends will be impressed with you.

Be kind whenever possible. Its always possible (Tweet this)

6. Bring A Pal

Having a friend or two with you will put you at ease in more ways than one. Something exciting about a new relationship is being able to introduce your friends to one another—so why not start it now? Your friends will add a welcome distraction from you (though you are still the main event) and you will likely feel more relaxed with your own friends supporting you.

7. Buy A Round

It is okay if you are not made of money and cannot afford to buy everyone at the table a drink or dinner—but if you can swing it, you should.

Buying a round of drinks for her friends will show that you can care for her and her friends.

Security is an important asset in most relationships and if you make her friends feel secure as well, you will be making a solid impression.

8. Be Inclusive

Including your partner’s friends in upcoming events will really stand out as a nice gesture. Are you guys planning a big trip for New Year’s Eve? Invite the gals along! Unless the event is specifically romantic between the two of you, why not invite a few friends along?

We make memories in groups. Creating memories with each other as well as your friends is very special.

9. Pay Attention

Paying attention to your girlfriend’s friends while they are talking to you is one thing, but you can start this lesson ahead of time.

Pay attention to who your girlfriend’s friends are even before you meet them. You will win big points by knowing who Charlotte is and what she does for work.

Remember the names of Cara’s children, and what soccer team Samantha is particularly passionate about. Showing an interest in everyone’s lives will prove that you care about them, and in turn, care about your girlfriend.

10. Be Yourself

Most importantly, you need to be yourself. There is not a point in pretending to be someone that you are not. Your girlfriend’s friends want to get to know you as you are, not you as only presented to them this one time. Meeting someone’s friends is really similar to going on a first date.

If you act like someone that you are not, everyone is going to find out the truth eventually. Your girlfriend’s friends want to know (and love you) for who you actually are, not for who you are pretending to be. Be yourself and they are sure to love you.

Final Thoughts On How To Impress Her Friends

Knowing how to impress her friends can be one of the most intimidating steps in the relationship. Be brave, be calm, and be yourself. Everything will work out—they are going to love you!

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