How To Make A Girl Laugh In 10 Simple Ways

How To Make A Girl Laugh In 10 Simple Ways

Knowing How To Make A Girl Laugh is like having the inside track on one of the best ways to her heart. If you have your eye on someone special but feel intimidated when it comes to your funny bone, don’t worry. Read on for some simple tips.

If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything. ~ Marilyn Monroe (Tweet this)

How To Make A Girl Laugh And Like You

Being funny is not a talent that everyone is born with. But you can definitely acquire this skill. Here are some excellent tips to help anyone naturally feel funny and if you are on a date, you are sure to get your girl to giggle at least a few times.

1. Tell A Cheesy Joke

If you aren’t sure what a “dad joke” is, you probably haven’t spent much time on the internet recently. Dad jokes are all the rage these days, often used in memes and other internet formats in order to make us laugh while rolling our eyes a bit.

A dad joke is the kind of joke that your best friend’s dad tells a group of his daughter’s friends at a sleepover, causing the daughter to laugh and say, “Daaaaaad” out of embarrassment.

But guess what? Everyone loves a dad joke! If you tell a girl a dad joke, something like, “What time did the man go to the dentist? Tooth hurt-y!” The object of your affection will find it genuinely funny that you would tell such a silly joke.

2. Be Goofy

Being goofy is a tricky thing. Some people really don’t enjoy the company of someone who is overly goofy all of the time, so try to tone down your extreme goofiness if you find yourself relying on silly jokes and outlandish behavior on a regular basis. Being goofy is awesome during certain situations—just make sure you know how to read the room. Don’t bust out your red nose and spinning ball cap if you are meeting her parents at a nice restaurant. If the situation allows for it, however, goofiness is a real treat.

If your partner has had a long, hard week, why not blow some bubbles as she walks into your apartment?

Unexpected goofy humor is guaranteed to make her laugh—as long as she isn’t upset about something too serious!

3. Laugh At Her Jokes

There is nothing greater than telling a joke and having a room full of people laugh at it. Some of us are the kind of people who can’t tell a joke without laughing at it ourselves, but this makes those moments even more special. If you laugh at her jokes, chances are your laughter will be contagious and it will soon be a big laugh-fest. What a romantic, special, and important moment for your relationship! Try to have many of those.

He once made a joke and she laughed insanely. His joke wasn’t important, but his effort to make her laugh was (Tweet this)

 4. Connect With Her Genuinely

When you really love someone, you automatically think they are funnier than if they were a stranger on the street. I personally think each of my brothers is a riot but I guarantee there are some people out there who would disagree with me.

I love my family, so of course I think they are funny! You are much more likely to laugh at the joke of someone you love

—which brings me to the point.

You must connect genuinely with the lady in your life before you expect her to constantly laugh at your jokes. Even more than that, there are greater chances for inside jokes once you two know each other at a more genuine level. The better you know one another, the more chances there are for laughs.

5. Watch A Comedy Show Together

Watching comedy together is only inspiration for more laughs in the future, whether it be from referencing jokes you heard onstage or from reliving the experience a few months or years down the road. Your town or city likely has a comedy troupe, an improv group, or at least a theater that welcomes comedians on a regular basis. Check your local listings and plan a hilarious date night.

6. Discuss Hidden Talents

Some of us have hidden talents that we have a hard time sharing with others, which is why it’s helpful when someone asks about them instead! Can you secretly do really great magic tricks, or are you a whiz at celebrity impressions? If you are, you are definitely going to be able to make your lady laugh. If you aren’t, that can be just as funny. Imagine trying to do an impression of the President of the United States but being really, really bad at it? Failed impressions or magic tricks are almost as funny as great ones.

7. Smile A Lot

It may seem obvious, but smiling a lot is a great way to make someone laugh.

In general, people who smile a lot more often are able to connect with people at a quicker level.

Smile at your lady—genuinely smile at her—and you might solicit a laugh or two. Flirtatious smiles and laughs are another great move.

8. Make Fun Of Yourself

Everyone loves someone who can make fun of themselves. Taking yourself too seriously is not a great quality most of the time, so try to relax and be able to take a joke directed at you. If you can laugh at you, everyone can laugh at you, and your lady will appreciate that.

When you can laugh at yourself, you are free! ~ Ted Loder (Tweet this)

9. Be Positive

Similar to smiling often, being a positive person in general is a great way to get a gal to laugh. Positive people are infectious to be around. Positive people are warm, inviting, typically kind, and usually pretty funny!

If you would like to make a girl laugh, all you gotta do is be a ray of sunshine.

The laughter will naturally follow.

10. Be You

Most importantly, as with most things in life, being yourself is vital to making a girl laugh. If you pretend to be someone you are not, or if you take on too much at one time, it is going to be clear that you aren’t being true to yourself. The funniest thing in the world is someone who is strong and confident in themselves while truly wanting to make the world a better, happier, funnier place. Be yourself and you will definitely be able to make your girl laugh.

Just by the thought of her, you would want to be your true self. ~Shreyas Koundinya  (Tweet this)

Final Thoughts

Laughter is such a treat. If you are worried about how to make a girl laugh, or if you are simply wondering how to be better at it, remember to be yourself, be positive, smile, and exercise those hidden talents. You will have her laughing in no time.

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