How To Impress His Friends

how to impress his friends

One of the most intimidating parts of a new relationship is trying to figure out How To Impress His Friends. Yes, family can be intimidating but there is certainly something special about a guy’s friends. Meeting the friends means you are going to be studied up and down, you are going to be held to high standards, and you are (hopefully) going to win them over right away. Don’t worry—although, yes . . . there are plenty of things to keep in mind when learning how to impress his friends.

1. Calm your nerves

Sure, it is totally acceptable to be nervous before the big introduction but at least try not to be! I know that is terrible advice, but if you just remind yourself that you are wonderful, that your guy likes you for a reason, and that his friends will like you too . . . you will be much better off going into it.

2. Don’t drink too much

If you are meeting your guy’s friends at a bar or a restaurant, great! Have a drink or two but try not to overdo it. There is no need to drink more than everyone else to calm your nerves or to impress anyone. Keep it classy.

3. Avoid controversy

Maybe your guy’s friends have completely opposing political views, or maybe they hate your favorite television show, or maybe they love dogs and not cats. Regardless of the issue at hand, try to avoid any subject that may make you heated. Personally, I have a handful of subjects that I don’t like discussing with my best friends and I definitely don’t like discussing with strangers. Avoiding anything controversial upon first meeting is probably the best idea.

4. Be friendly

This may seem obvious but when you are focused on your own nerves and any initial judgment that you may or may not have about your partner’s pals, you may forget to be friendly. Smiling and joking and having genuine conversation is the best way to handle this situation. Be friendly but be yourself. If you are not an overly friendly person, don’t try to become one just for this occasion.

5. Show your love

Nobody likes a couple who shows too much affection but you want your guy’s friends to know that you like him, right? One of the most important factors in meeting a guy’s friends is to assure them that you are into their friend. A lot of people experience heartbreak caused by flaky situations—prove that you are not one of those.

His friends will be happy to see you two happy together. It is natural to be protective of one’s friends, so don’t give them a reason to be.

6. Bring your friends

Having your friends with you will not only make the situation easier for you, but it will show that you two are serious about your relationship. Merging two groups of friends together is so special and proves that you guys are ready for a real relationship.

7. Bring something!

If you are meeting at someone’s house, bring your specialty casserole or a nice bottle of wine or whiskey.

Bringing something to someone’s home is a nice gesture in general, but it will definitely leave a lasting impression on your boyfriend’s friends regardless.

If you happen to be meeting out at a bar or restaurant, this can be a bit trickier, though you can still make it work. Are you meeting at a casual bar? Bring a deck of cards! If you are meeting at a nice restaurant, bringing just yourself is fine—just remember to bring something next time you stay in.

8. Don’t play the trump card

It is natural to want to show your man’s friends how much you know about him but be careful—this is a slippery slope.

Your partner’s friends have probably known him for a long time and even if they haven’t, they definitely have had different experiences with him than you have.

Try to avoid getting involved in a game of “well Brian and I also went skiing one weekend . . . ” Having a story to top everyone’s story is not impressive and it certainly won’t make you any friends.

9. Know who they are

This may seem obvious, but proving that you have paid attention to who these people are will win you big points. You have likely heard of all of your boyfriend’s friends before you have met them—prove it! Remember that Chad teaches seventh grade and that Alvin plays basketball and that Ben is really into politics.

Ask them questions about their lives while utilizing the knowledge you do have. Get to know them but prove that you already know things about them. Everyone loves effort in a friendship.

10. Be yourself

And finally, be yourself. No one should ever have to put on a special hat in order to impress another person. If you hate basketball, don’t pretend to be interested in it to talk to Alvin. If you don’t have anything to add to a conversation, ask a few questions instead of pretending you can relate.

Your boyfriend likes or loves you for you which means his friends probably will do the same. Be yourself, shine bright, and his friends will accept you with open arms.

After all, they practically have to love the person who makes their friend that happy, right?

Final thoughts on how to impress his friends

Getting over the fear of learning how to impress his friends can be one of the most intimidating steps in the relationship. Instead of letting yourself become crippled with fear—relax, be yourself, and get to know everyone on a genuine level. They are going to love you.

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