7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting To Deliberately Manifest My Dreams

Okay, so you are starting to understand the idea that you can create your own reality or at least are opening up to the concept that life isn’t just happening to you and you actually do play a role in what you experience.

But you are getting stuck with the whole trying to manifest dreams or something else. You know it’s possible, lots of people do it, but it doesn’t seem to be flowing for you. What I do is help manifestors get unstuck and today I am going to share with you the 7 Things I Wish I knew Before I Started To Deliberately Manifest My Dreams, that would have made it even easier.

7 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started To Deliberately Manifest My Dreams

1. You actually don’t have to try so hard  

“How to succeed?  try hard enough. How to fail? try too hard.” ~ Malcolm Forbes (Tweet this)

Because you are human and raised in a society based on taking action, it feels totally normal to realize something you want and then figure out what you need to do to get there. One day you notice you aren’t happy at work and so you say to yourself, I want a new job and that night, start an Internet search for new jobs.

That’s just how it’s done right? You realize a desire and jump right into action.

Which is exactly what most people do when they get wind of the idea they can purposefully create something…jump straight into action and figuring out how to make it happen.

You’ve probably watched The Secret more than once, you’ve started to make gratitude lists, you binge listen to all the manifesting podcasts and devour the self-help section of the library, started meditating and stuff starts to happen, you notice a difference in your life and really start to buy into it.

But soon life gets busy and it’s harder to make time for all the writing and reading and sleep becomes more important than meditation, you just fall asleep every time you try to meditate anyways. That is a whole lot of action in the energy of ‘trying to manifest something’, and what I have learned, is you really don’t have to try so hard to make something happen.

Yes taking the action is essential, but…

Have you ever stopped to question the process of desire straight to action? Because it is missing a huge step! This key step is why most people feel like they have to try so hard and put in so much effort to get what they want in life. The key is in your alignment, which leads me to number 2…

2. How you feel is way more important than what you do

When you are learning to leverage the Law of Attraction, you begin to realize there is this incredibly powerful energy that you have access to, and when you allow it to flow easily through you, you experience the inspiration and ease that we are taught to try to hard for.

Your alignment is all about your emotional state. To make the idea of alignment practical in your everyday life, you can think of it as any time you are feeling good or positive.

Alignment = Feeling Good

Hence why how you feel is way more important than what you do. How you feel and the emotions that you experience is how the universe is communicating with you. You are constantly being guided to the best path by how you feel, lets use an example.

Sara wakes up and has the thought, “I should probably go to the gym before work.” It doesn’t feel exciting at all to her, she’s actually dreading it, but she decides to push through and workout anyways. She feels a little bit better after, but the whole thing feels like an ordeal. This is an example of taking action without alignment. Taking action without FIRST putting in the effort to find alignment.

“There is not enough action in the world that will compensate for misaligned energy.”~ Abraham-Hicks. (Tweet this)

Meaning, you will never get the results you are after if you don’t change your inner energy and find alignment. The whole point of working out is to feel better, but if you spend all the time in the gym not feeling good, even if your body changes, you will never reach the “better” feeling that you are after.

When you use conditions you don’t fully enjoy (like working out) to make you feel better, you have to constantly take this hard work action to feel good and it is an endless struggle that doesn’t get you where you want.

This is why it is essential to understand, it is so much more important to feel good than it is to take action. If Sara woke up not wanting to go to the gym and let that be okay (not judging herself), there is an immediate shift towards alignment that occurs and from that place she is able to receive the next best action for her on her path.

Maybe it will be to sleep more, maybe it will be to go for a walk or meditate or read, but whatever it is, when it is taken from a place of alignment it carries with it the energy of success. It is vibrationally powerful and will ultimately yield to you what you are really wanting.

And this is why I say you actually don’t have to try so hard. After observing thousands of manifestations with my clients, it’s consistently demonstrated that if you just put more of your energy into feeling good (into alignment) and less into what you think you need to do, only then are you accessing the power within you and truly leveraging the Law of Attraction – and trust me, it does not feel like hard work.

3. It’s okay to give up

I understand if your first response to this one was against it. I say that because for the past hundreds of years we have been growing up with the programming and conditioning that if you want something, you must work hard and make it happen, and most importantly never give up!

Am I right? There are many incredible leaders that preach not giving up, and I am not here to say they are wrong, at all, I am here to explain on a vibrational level, what is actually happening.

You see, when you have an awareness of the laws that govern this universe, you have an advantage at being able to leverage them, and that is what we are talking about.

My most favourite example to explain this, which you can also find in my book, The Champion Mindset, originally comes from the teachers Abraham-Hicks, and it goes like this:

Think of life as a fast flowing river and when you are born into this world, it is similar to you putting your boat in the river. It is naturally facing downstream at the beginning as you are still a baby and aren’t old enough to think or act for yourself.

As soon as you start thinking, talking and doing, it’s like you take control and you put your oars in the water, you start paddling. The older you get the more choices you have and the more you determine which direction or pathway you are paddling towards.

Now what happens here is that people in your life whom you admire, parents, teachers and friends, tell you with the best of intentions that you must work hard to reach your goals, so you turn your boat to face upstream and start paddling against the current.

You are fighting the current and the natural flow of life because you are being told that what you want is upstream. Listen closely here, because this part is really important…everything that you want in your life, is downstream of you. Therefore you paddling upstream will not only delay you reaching your desire, it also makes the journey there a heck of a lot more work. And it doesn’t have to be this way.

“There is a difference between giving up and knowing when you’ve had enough.”~ Unknown (Tweet this)

When your boat is pointed downstream, which in real life means you are focused on something that excites you or feels good, you are in alignment and going with the natural flow of life. If you are focused in a way that feels negative to you, your boat is pointed upstream and you are going against and resisting the natural flow of life, and are considered out of alignment.

And here is the whole point of this analogy.

The instant you “give up” it’s like you take your oars out of the water, and the powerful and natural flow of life is able to turn your boat back downstream towards everything you really want.

Some of the scenarios which expects you to give up:

  • You know in your deepest thoughts, it’s not going to work.
  • Moving on the path of your goal is making you all depressed.
  • When you start disliking your work.
  • You don’t know who you are outside your ambition that is yet to be persued.
  • If you envison happiness by going in a different direction from where you are now, then choose that path.
  • When your ambition is becoming your biggest enemy for taking a long time to hit the right chord.
  • When the idea of Giving-up brings you thoughts of relief.

When you “give up” you energetically release resistance and open up the space for the universe to guide you on your best path. When you are busy busting your butt to paddle upstream, you can’t see the obvious and best path for you, but when you give up, you immediately stop fighting and forcing and because of that, begin to float downstream closer to your greatest desires.

So maybe the next time you catch yourself forcing the process, all you really need to do is “give up” for a moment and let yourself be guided to the next best step.

4. Belief is a decision

If you are a spiritual seeker of any sort, you have undoubtedly heard of the important role your belief system play in you life. It is one of those across the board concepts taught in some form by all teachers, because well, it’s true.

Beliefs are foundational and play an essential role in what we experience in life. In fact your entire perception of what is real, is based on what you believe, so yah I would say they are pretty important.

On the energetic level, each belief you have resonates at a certain frequency and since we live in a vibrational universe and “like” energies are constantly being drawn together (The Law of Attraction), you will organically attract ideas, experiences and events that are a match to the frequency of your belief.

Lets say you hold the belief that great love is hard to find, and we give that a random value of 31, well you generally attract experiences in your life that are a match to that 31. The experience of incredible love resonates at the number 44, but you cannot possibly attract that because you are sending out the 31 vibrations.

Which is why so many leaders guide you to pay attention to your belief system because we have not only seen the results in real life but know the science of how it works.

Now, this is where my perspective may differ from the majority. Most people will tell you, it is hard to change your beliefs and it takes a long time. I don’t fully agree. When I started my manifesting journey, I absolutely agreed, but I learned how you have the power to choose, in every moment what you give your attention to, and therefore there is an element of belief that becomes a decision.

“A champion decision is based on the irrefutable belief in yourself and your dream.” ~ John Di Lemme (Tweet this)

This is how it works. If you become aware of a personal belief, maybe it’s that life is a struggle, and you have a desire to change it, you can either say “Okay I want to change that belief” OR you can just do it! Right at that moment you can literally choose your new belief and say to yourself, from now on I choose to believe life flows easily for me.

Now, this doesn’t mean by taking this one decision making step, all of a sudden your life will be easy, but it is an important part of kick-starting the process as there is incredible vibrational power in making decisions.

But making the decision also isn’t just saying the words. When you really decide, there is an element of dedication to backing that up with daily action, and in this case, it comes with the commitment to not entertain any thoughts that go against the belief. Making a decision about a belief means not giving any focus or attention to conditions that appear out of alignment with your new belief.

You can also go throughout article 6 Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back From Your True Potential to get an extensive idea on limiting beliefs and how to change it.

You have so much more power to focus your thoughts than you are utilizing and you first must tap into this to observe conditions that support your new belief until it’s strong enough within you. It’s like when you starting driving, at the beginning, it takes a lot of attention, focus, and concentration, but after years, it becomes automatic.

A belief is simply a thought you keep thinking, so if you want a new belief about something, decide what it is, practice it and keep all of your attention on things that support it.

5. Things show up in ways you don’t plan

When I started manifesting, it was really exciting to think about everything I wanted and the possibility of it all coming into my life. I wanted a new car, I wanted to travel to exotic places, I wanted money to fall from the sky and it was all very exciting. Along the way, all of those things have become a reality for me, but none of them showed up in the way I thought they would!

Firstly, money did not literally fall from the sky, but it did show up out of the blue! Actually, it still shows up in unexpected ways from finding $100 in an old journal, $50 in jeans I was about to toss, unexpected gifts and refunds on things I thought I had already received, unexpected bonuses, even checks from the government I had no clue I was getting.

It’s actually kind of fun when what you want shows up in ways you don’t plan for. And this is one of those things that you don’t really “get it” until you live it. In my teachings, I talk about two different ways of knowing something. People say all the time “Oh I know that yeah I get that,” but I think it’s important to differentiate between two levels of “knowing” something.

“To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect.” ~ Oscar Wilde (Tweet this)

There are quite a few people I have run into along my path that tell me they know all about the Law of Attraction and then in the next breath go on to tell me everything that is going wrong in their life. I hate to break it to you, but just because you’ve read the book or watched the movie, doesn’t mean you really know anything.

And here’s the difference,

There is an intellectual knowing of something that you gain from reading, hearing, or watching something, which all happens outside of you. And then there is an experiential knowing of something that you gain from living and feeling it, which all happens inside of you.

I love telling the story of my good friends who were ready and looking to buy a house but couldn’t find what they wanted. They aren’t super LOA savvy but are willing to entertain my guidance, and I told them, just chill out, get clear about what you want and let the universe bring it to you. Well they did that and one night through mutual friends was introduced to a couple who was thinking of selling their house, it turned out to be a perfect fit and they went through with a private sale, and everyone ended up more than happy.

The universe has this incredible way of bringing you what you want (and usually better) when you get out of the way.

And with my friends, as with most people, they didn’t really “get it” or understand the power until they experienced it first hand for themselves.

The reason I am mentioning this is that when it comes to the idea that things show up in ways you couldn’t plan, it’s just not something I can tell you and you will really know it. I could give you the thousands of examples from my clients that demonstrate unexpected manifestation paths, but it would mean nothing to you, because honestly you must experience it for yourself to truly see how magic it can be.

6. You don’t always have to feel good

This is a big one! And I bet for most of you reading this probably goes against what you have read or learned about so far with the Law of Attraction. Likely you have been told how important it is to feel good and that everything we want comes to us if we feel good…right?

Well yes, but there is an important caveat to this that I did not get when I first started manifesting my dreams, and it got me stuck for a good while. I thought I always had to feel good and if I wasn’t feeling positive or happy, I was doing it wrong. Big mistake.

You see we have our whole entire emotional scale ranging from guilt and fear at the bottom to love and appreciation at the top and everything in between. We are humans living in this physical world and we are here to experience emotion. We are not here to dwell, spin or struggle in emotion, but we are here to feel it, and feeling it is an important part of living this life fully.

Do you remember when I talked about the stream earlier? Well, that is what you need to remember here. Any time that you release resistance and take your oars out of the water, your boat naturally turns downstream, that release of resistance causes you to experience the emotion of relief, and relief is the key.

All you need to focus on is consistently turning your boat downstream, and then the universe (flow of the river) naturally brings you to your dreams.

Sometimes if you catch yourself pointed upstream in a place of anger, relief comes from blaming someone or something else. In this case you don’t have to feel good right away, because that’s too big of a jump, you just want to feel a little bit better and then a little bit better from there and eventually you will feel good.

If instead of making feeling good your goal, you simply reached for any thought that felt a little bit better, you would so quickly train yourself into that place of alignment… into that place where you can experience the type of life you are dreaming about today. You don’t always have to feel good, you just have to feel a little bit better than wherever you are. That is your yellow brick road.

7. Everything actually is unfolding perfectly

Here’s the thing. Our perspective as humans is actually pretty limited. I want you to think of the human body for a moment, how incredible all the functions and processes that happen inside of us everyday that keep us living and breathing are. Cells are infinitely rebuilding, your body tells you when it’s hungry or tired or sick, I mean you breathe without thinking when you sleep!

Now let us consider the brilliance of nature. How the seasons turn, trees, flowers, and plants grow all on their own, birds instinctually migrate or hibernate, just the intricate systems and organisms that exist to support life on this planet, it’s amazing.

And all of that happens without conscious human decision or planning –

THAT comes from divine intelligence. And yet we spend the majority of our life living from the perspective of our mind, and controlling and planning and thinking our way through everything. Because we don’t realize, we have access to the same energy that creates worlds, within us in every moment.

There are things that happen in all of our lives that we do not understand and we could spend endless hours, days sometimes even years trying to analyze and figure it out, but so much of that is wasted because it comes from the place of our thinking mind.

And it isn’t until months or years later after so many other events have happened and fallen into place that we look back and realize why something happened or understand the reasoning for a certain experience.

One of the most transformative skills you can practice as a deliberate manifestor is your ability to trust in this presence to guide your unfolding path. It is a part of everything we have talked about today and integral to your experience of an ease-filled life.

“Trust the process of your life unfolding, and know with certainty, through the peaks and valleys of your journey, that your soul rests safe and secure in the arms of GOD.” ~ Dam Millman (Tweet this)

When you learn to tune into your emotions and live more from a feeling place than from a thinking place, you are tuned into this divine guidance and life effortlessly and almost magically unfolds in front of you.

I’m sharing this with you because I really want you to trust me when I say,

The universe or however you choose to term divine intelligence, has a bigger plan for you than you can grasp.

Its perspective is unlimited and knows the best path for your life, which includes all of your dreams and how they come into your experience. Choose to trust and allow your own unfolding, and know…you’ve got this! Hope these 7 tips to know before you manifest dreams have helped you in realizing what the universe is all about and how it resonates to your wants.

Happy Manifesting!


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A world traveller, Ginny lives her life playing with the amazingly powerful Law of Attraction. She loves life and wants others to find their own happy, to move away from the “shoulds” of society and really dream, create and experience a life to be in love with. Ginny can help you understand how the law of attraction is playing out specifically in your experience and guide you to leverage your manifesting power to allow your greatest desires into your physical experience.

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