5 Steps To Make The Law Of Attraction Work For You

What you think… you become, what you feel… you attract, what you imagine… you create. ~ Buddha (Tweet this)

Let’s start by clarifying that you actually don’t have to DO anything to make the Law of Attraction work. Similar to how the Law of Gravity is constantly and forever exerting a force that keeps you standing on earth, the Law of Attraction is constantly and forever aligning vibrations of similar frequency.

Okay great, but what does this mean for you—how can you make the Law of Attraction work for you? Well what most people really mean when they ask this question is, what can I do to attract more of the things I want in my life?

How To Make The Law Of Attraction Work For You?

Law of attraction has helped millions of people achieve their dreams and better the lives of people who say,  “I hate my life.” You can too! If you are having trouble making the law of attraction work for you, just follow these 5 simple steps and you will get that much closer to fulfilling your dreams.

1. Learn to release resistance

If you have been studying the Law of Attraction for a little while, you may have heard the Abraham-Hicks analogy of life being like a fast flowing river.

The water naturally flows downstream to everything you want without conscious effort, the same way we experience the invisible energy of life within us.

When you are born into this world, it is like putting your boat in the water and as a baby, you effortlessly float down the river enjoying the ride. As you get older, you begin to think more for yourself and are conditioned by society that you must take action to make things happen, which causes you to put your oars in the water and start guiding your boat.

The thing is, your boat was floating just fine down the stream without your help, and by you trying to make something happen, you are actually turning and pointing your boat upstream, paddling against the stream. This is obviously a struggle as you are going against the strong natural current. This exemplifies how we create resistance.

In order to leverage the power of the Law of Attraction in your life, you must learn to get out of the way. To take your oars out of the water and release resistance… and you do this by guiding your thoughts.

It is your thoughts that either turn you upstream or downstream. And it is a very simple process. Follow the thoughts that feel better to you. If you are feeling negative, you are pointed upstream, if you are feeling positive you are pointed downstream. Follow the thoughts that feel better and you will be releasing resistance.

2. Get clear about your desire

In any desire or goal, you have a general idea about where you are going, right? If you decide you want to take a vacation, you don’t just get in the car and drive away, you have some idea of where you are going before you leave. And the more clarity you have about the type of vacation you want to have, the easier the plan and experience falls into place. It is the same when manifesting with the Law of Attraction.

As you become more and more clear about the desire you want, the easiest path to that desire will unfold in front of you. On the other hand, if you don’t have an idea what you are looking for, you would not see the path if you were standing right in front of it.

Generally most people have an idea of what it is they want, “I want more money,” but a common misconception is that the universe hears your words. The universe does not understand words; it only understands the language of vibration.

So it is not important that you get clear about what you want, as much as you get clear about the feeling the thing will give you. So ask yourself,

“How will I feel when I have more money?”

Another part of what vibrationally happens as you clarify your desire, is you are beginning to line up with the vibration of what you want. The more familiar you get with what you want and how that feels, the more you are activating that in the moment, which is the next step in creation. All of this put together, resonates to,

How To Get Clear About Your Desire?

Well, its is pretty simple unless you know,

  • What do you want?
  • Where are you going to get what you want?
  • How do you go about getting what you want?

3. Activate the vibration of your desire

The Law of Attraction is constantly lining up vibrations of similar frequency, and as a human being, you are constantly emitting a vibrational frequency from you, based on your emotion. This means that in order to leverage this invisible force you must emit the same frequency of the thing that you want in the future, now. So if you are wanting more money and have determined that having more money makes you feel more security, you must find a way to activate the feeling of security in this moment.

How most people go through life is waiting for the condition to be met in order to feel the way they want to feel. Basing the way you feel on what’s happening around you is not leveraging your power as a deliberate creator, in this case you are simple responding to your life instead of creating it.

You have the power to feel any way you want to feel in any moment. In order to tap into your power as a deliberate creator, you must activate the feeling of the thing you want, in this now moment, and then you let the Law of Attraction do the heavy lifting and line up the experiences and manifestations.

One of the greatest ways to activate the vibration of your desire is to think of what you want, and then ask yourself “Why do I want this?” This will immediately move you into the vibration of having it, and activate the feeling that you are desiring now.

4. Apply your focus

Your single-greatest power as a human being is your ability to focus. We are the only creatures on this planet that can consciously direct our focus, and it is this specific skill that allows us to be deliberate creators versus responsive creators.

What I mean when I say direct our focus is this; you have tens of thousands of thoughts pass through your awareness each day, but you only pay certain attention to some of them. When you give more attention or “air time” to one thought over another, you are directing your focus.

The thing that most people miss is their ability to deliberately direct focus by choosing what thoughts they want to focus on.

A lot of my clients come to me saying,

“it feels like my thoughts are thinking me and I can’t control them, they just come up.”

It sometimes can feel like this because you simply haven’t been taught to apply your focus. As you begin to learn and practice this skill, like anything new, it becomes easier and more unconscious.

Why is learning to apply your focus important when leveraging the Law of Attraction?

  • Focus on your thoughts.
  • Affect your emotions by your thoughts.
  • And ultimately Create Your Own Beautiful Life by turning your ideas into reality!

It is our emotions that communicate with the surrounding universal energies and there is a direct link between our thoughts and our emotions. Meaning that if you can focus your thoughts, you can affect your emotions and ultimately create your reality. When you apply it to your life it once again comes back to thoughts that are connected to positive emotions or thoughts that are connected to negative emotions.

In order to produce the most resistance-free vibration, we want to create and feel emotions that are positive and feel good, so it only makes sense to focus on thoughts that make you feel good. If you are thinking thoughts and it is causing you to feel negative, you have the power to re-direct your focus to find a feeling of relief.

If you are thinking about how much debt you have to pay back, it feels stressful; but if you catch yourself and then deliberately choose to apply your focus on the fact that you have a full tank of gas right now, it then translates to the emotion and vibration of relief.

Now the Law of Attraction can respond to the feeling of relief instead of stress, and you receive experiences that match the relief vibration.

5. Release attachment to the manifestation

I personally consider this step as the last step in the process of creation because it is often the most difficult. We are conditioned to want things, and we are constantly expanding beings, always wanting more, and we are taught to base the success of our life on manifestation or getting the thing.

We are taught that the goal is the outcome and that if we don’t get the outcome, we failed in some way. Well this attachment to the manifestation, actually vibrationally holds it away from you.

You see, you aren’t here on this planet to get anything done, to achieve something specific or reach a certain goal with perfectionism. Manifestation and perfectionism go hand-in-hand while achieving your desire. You are here to expand through the experiencing of life. That’s it. This life is the leading-edge of creation and you get to be here experiencing it. You are destined to expand, but it is up to you whether that journey is full of joy or full of struggle.

You have the power within you to create the type of experience you choose, but it requires a focus and a trust in something bigger than you.

If you are feeling really excited about what you are creating, you know what you want, you know how it feels, you are clear, you are consistently activating the feeling and applying your focus, but it still hasn’t manifested, chances are there is some part of you that is waiting for the manifestation to happen in order to feel fully the way you are wanting.

One of the greatest steps in deliberate creation is letting go of needing the manifestation.

When you release this attachment, and decide to live fully right now instead of waiting for the result, you completely release the last of the vibrational resistance and your desire will unfold better than you could have even imagined. Trust the process, choose to enjoy the journey and allow your desire to manifest effortlessly.

Wrap up

From wherever you are, you have the power within you to get where you want to be. ~ Ginny Gane (Tweet this)

Getting the Law of Attraction to work for you is all about tapping into your own power as a deliberate creator, and understanding how this universal Law operates is the beginning. If you then learn to consistently apply these 5 Steps to your life, you will feel and experience tangible shifts in your reality that will only continue to get better and better.

Comment below with your own experiences of the Law of Attraction and happy manifesting!


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A world traveller, Ginny lives her life playing with the amazingly powerful Law of Attraction. She loves life and wants others to find their own happy, to move away from the “shoulds” of society and really dream, create and experience a life to be in love with. Ginny can help you understand how the law of attraction is playing out specifically in your experience and guide you to leverage your manifesting power to allow your greatest desires into your physical experience.

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