6 Tips To Improve Your Brain Power

brain power

The brain is the epicenter of all the activities you perform. A more energetic mind and more brain power definitely leads to better performance in any area and thus, a better life. Have you ever noticed that some people are sharp enough to remember even the most ordinary details without paying much attention to them?

Perhaps you also might have yearned to possess such a skill. Well, you can! With just a little mindful effort, you can change the way your mind works and acts.

6 ways to increase your brain power

Would you like to reverse your mental aging? Here are some simple tricks to help you boost your brain power:

1. Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly keeps your body active and mind sharp. It improves the blood flow in every artery of the body. It improves the flow of nutrients, salts and other vital things inside the body and brain. It improves brain power because it improves the ability of the mind to react and act. Walking, swimming and dancing are such activities that help keep your body supple.

2. Keep your mind stress free

A stressed mind cannot think or work properly.  With lots of stresses and anxieties, the mind becomes a cramped area and it does not provide space for new thoughts and actions. Things like anxiety and anger contribute in reducing the mind’s ability to memorize information. It keeps losing the power to concentrate that is important for memorizing.  Long-term depression can damage the mind’s ability to remember anything new. If you have such a problem, it is best to seek professional assistance.

3. Sound sleep and naps are important

Some people think sleeping is waste of time. On the contrary, a sound sleep is very important to keep your body and mind going for the good. During sleep, your brain becomes super active and starts affirming the memories of recently-acquired information. In fact, after you learn something, getting a nap is good idea to make that information stick into your mind.

4. Write it down

Writing down or jotting down anything in small points can help you remember it exactly. Writing, actually, acts as an exercise and creates oxygenated blood flow to areas in your brain related to memory.  If you are memorizing for an exam, your brain will deliver better if you write the information you have learnt, even in small points.

5. Feed your brain

Like all other parts of your body to improve, your brain also needs nutritious food to grow. Around 60% of the brain is fat that insulates its nerve cells which are in the billions. A well-insulated cell is quick to send signals and is fast at thinking. To maintain long term memory, your brain should be fed a nutritious mix of fats. However, avoid deep fried foods that contain bad fats. Eating a healthy breakfast is a sure way to make your brain sharp.

6. Use visual concepts, mind games & play cards

Information is memorized better if it is visualized while studying. Making use of photos, play cards, charts, graphics and other such things helps stick information in your mind. To increase your brain power, play mind games like puzzles and also develop a good reading habit.

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