Stop Complaining and Start Living

Stop Complaining, Start Living

Life is beautiful enjoy it; don’t make it Hell by complaining about everything. Stop complaining and start living! Complaining and discontentment in any situation is a result of negative thinking. A habitual complainer finds fault in everything and everyone, be it a spouse, a boss, parents, children, the climate, their own life—even God.

As you breathe right now, another person takes his last , So stop complaining and live life with what you have. (Tweet this)

For a happy, peaceful and adorable life, turn off the negative mode in your brain and replace it with love and praise. Once again I remind you to stop complaining and start living because when you give up complaining there is space that opens up in your consciousness and you become open to the gifts of the universe.

What’s the cause?

  • Ego satisfaction and even a superiority complex can be the root cause. Complaining feeds one’s ego and veers away from responsibilities. We find it easy to complain to cover our inabilities and make someone else responsible for that. Instead of dissecting the reasons behind our failures we simply blame others to satisfy our ego.
  • Many times we complain out of jealousy.
  • Sometimes people complain to simply gain attention.

This kind of behavior is a reflection of mind filled with negative thoughts which damage our relationships.

Too much complaining leads to strained relations

Everyone likes appreciation instead of criticism. Complaining behavior leads to a dark future and is an expression of a weak personality. The problem about complaining is that it wastes all your vital energy.

To change your deeply-ingrained behaviors you need all the energy you can get. When you learn to complain less you will conserve energy. Don’t express or even suppress negativity. Just stop complaining and start living! Make that your motto for life.

My friend always complained about her husband not helping with their children’s studies or caring for their needs, though he was honestly trying his best. She had fallen into that habit (of criticizing him) and never came back out of it. To avoid nasty interactions, her husband started coming home late and stopped sharing his problems with her. Guess where they ended up after that?

Complaining hurts you more than others

Complaining hurts you more than others because at the end of the day we do feel bad for our own behavior. People always love to be in interesting, happy company. Every time you complain it spreads sadness and boredom. This results in an inner sadness hence hurting your own self.

Now that we know complaining hurts so much, let’s try some ways to correct it:

Drop Your Ego

Be humble and respectful towards others. Then you need not to demand respect from others, they will automatically pay it to you.

Don’t justify yourself to be right always

Stop blaming others for your failures. What is right from your view point may be wrong from another’s. Nothing is “right” or “wrong” in this world. Liberate yourself from finding faults in everything and you will be blessed with peace and love.

Ask yourself three questions and analyze your behavior:

  1. How many times did you complain today?
  2. Was it difficult to go an entire day without complaining?
  3. What did you do or say instead?

While analyzing your behavior (by asking these questions), you will find that complaining can be avoided.

Stop complaining, start appreciating

It is the law of attraction that love begets love. Stay contended with whatever you have. Thank God for the blessings and appreciate the creation. Remember in comparison to others you might have much more.

Life is like a piano, accept it

Life is as sweet as music when you enjoy both the happy and the sad moments alike. That is life, accept it, live it, and enjoy its music. You will automatically stop complaining.

Remember, time cannot be bought back

We cannot buy back the time we wasted. Respect it, and live in the present. Cherish sweet memories with loved ones by stopping today. Stop complaining and start living , just understand that life begins outside of the “complain and blame” zone.

Enjoy your today because you haven’t seen your tomorrow. (Tweet this)

Conclusion: Stop complaining and start living

Stop worrying about things which can’t be controlled. Life is beautiful, don’t waste it. Stop complaining to stay happy.

As an old proverb says

Instead of complaining that the rose is full of thorns, be happy that the thorn bush has roses. (Tweet this)

Stop complaining and start living because the truth is that complaining about your life will get you nowhere.  At the very  least it won’t make you feel good at all.

Instead take a look at the good things in your life. So focus on how to stop complaining and instead put your time and energy on living  the life that you want.


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Vandana is a Personality Enhancement Trainer associated with various Corporate and Management Colleges.

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