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The Greatest Secret of Public Speaking

Saskia Shakin

Public speaking is a skill we'd all like to master. Why are some people so good at it? What makes someone so riveting? Read on to find the secret!


The Second Secret to Public Speaking

Saskia Shakin

Public speaking is all about connecting. After silence and self introspection, you step up to the podium. So what's the next step? Find out here.


What Does Public Speaking Look Like

Saskia Shakin

People are not afraid of public speaking but they are afraid of the judgment they think accompanies it. Find out what public speaking looks like and what will make your speech riveting!


The Secret to Happiness

Saskia Shakin

Have you ever wondered what the secret to happiness is? Read on to discover the simple truth to ever lasting happiness.


Public Speaking - Expect The Unexpected

Saskia Shakin

The art of public speaking is full of surprises. But if you have learnt to expect the unexpected, surprises are not going to derail you, they will delight you!


How To Use Storytelling For Public Speaking

Saskia Shakin

When you use storytelling for public speaking you give your audience the best of all worlds. Ignite a fire in their hearts with one simple trick.


Public Speaking Tips - From The Stage To The Podium

Saskia Shakin

Should you be spontaneous at the podium? Read on to find the public speaking tips which will help make the podium a not-so-risky place.


How To Lose An Audience During Public Speaking

Saskia Shakin

Want to know how to lose an audience? Skip this list—the one I have below, and you will do just that! And it's never the obvious either. Take a look!