Top 10 Things To Do On Valentines Day

Valentines Day is one of those holidays that we either love or we hate. I guess some even say they love to hate it! Personally, I feel like Valentines Day has a bad reputation. Whether or not you are in a committed relationship, the cutesy holiday has a time or a place in your life.

We are most alive when we’re in love. ~ John Updike (Tweet this)

Here are some solid ideas for things to do on Valentines Day.

1. Go to dinner

It might seem hackneyed, but going to dinner is romantic regardless of the state of your relationship. If you have just started dating, going to dinner is romantic and new. If you have been together for years and years, going to dinner is refreshing and familiar.

If you are simply looking for something—anything, really—to do with your special someone, one of the more popular things to do on Valentines Day is going to dinner. Done right, it can be an exciting prospect. Whether or not you are celebrating the day with your partner, a new potential mate, or a group of friends, dinner is always the right thing to do.

2. Take a trip

Valentines Day can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. If you and your partner are not yet the vacationing type of couple, one of the things to do on Valentines Day might be to seize the day and take your relationship to that next step. If you are not quite committed enough to take a full trip, why not spend the day exploring the next town over?

A trip does not have to imply a lot of money spent or a week off of work. Trips can consist of simply driving 20 miles outside of your comfort zone. Each of you will have a great time.

3. Stay inside

Knowing exactly what things to do on Valentines Day can be tricky. Some men or women want to be impressed. Some men or women are waiting to be surprised with an extravagant night out, or with a thousand roses, or with diamonds—but you know what? Some are not. If you and your partner have been together for a while, or if you and your partner are simply the “stay inside” type, why not do just that?

Head to your nearest video store or pull up Netflix and spend the night eating food, drinking wine, and watching something new. Staying inside can be just as romantic as spending money out on the town.

4. Buy a present

Though it may seem obvious, many people forget to pick up a small gift on Valentines Day. There are plenty of people who may think that Valentines Day is overrated or that it is a commercial holiday but even little gifts go a long way. Just because it is Valentines Day does not mean you need a diamond ring or a gold necklace.

Also, things to do on Valentines Day can easily mean a handpicked bouquet of flowers or a used book or a gift certificate to your favorite restaurant. Valentines Day means a lot of things to a lot of people—use your resources.

5. Try something new

It does not have to be Valentines Day to celebrate your love, but since it is Valentines Day, you might as well take advantage of it. Valentines Day is a great time to explore the unknown. Go for a hike you have never completed, go to a restaurant you have never tasted, see a brand new movie, rent ten that you’ve never watched before. Valentines Day is a time for exploration and love—don’t worry about the showmanship. Do what makes you both happy.

6. Write a love note

Sometimes the most classic things are the most important things. When you were young, Valentines Day was about love notes and candy and feeling special—why not make that true in your older age? Whether you make a card, buy a card, or order a card, writing a Valentines Day note can be one of the sweetest gestures.

7. Eat well

Whether you are eating out or eating in, Valentines Day is a holiday full of food and drink. Maybe your partner wants you to order cake and wine to consume indoors or maybe your partner wants to go out somewhere fancy. Whatever the case, food and drink are inevitably a part of the holiday. Make reservations or go to the grocery store. Whatever the case, cake and champagne are necessary.

8. Relax

Not everyone is familiar with a couple’s massage and that is more than okay. No couple needs a couple’s massage, but if you are interested in one, it is a definite solid way to relax. If you are more of the “read books at home” kind of couple, congratulations! Valentines Day is all about relaxation and celebrating what is best for you. Regardless of how you find your relaxation, Valentines Day is the time to celebrate it.

9. Activities are vital

Activities are one of the best ways to celebrate Valentines Day. Have you always wanted to take a cooking class? Have you both been interested in salsa dancing? Have either of you been interested in a writing class? Valentines Day is a perfect time to explore the hundreds of options for an exploratory class. If you can do these things together, even better. What is more romantic than learning something new together?

10. Recreate your love

Whether you are taking pictures, going on a familiar date, or having a long conversation about your love life, recreating your love can be huge. All of the aforementioned activities are romantic, kind, and exciting. Regardless of where you are in your relationship, recreating a time in which you both felt familiar and in love is a great plan. Valentines Day is the perfect time to recreate your love.

For things to do on Valentines Day, that’s a wrap!

There are plenty of ways in which you can explore the holiday more and maybe even find new things to do on Valentines Day we haven’t yet mentioned. If you are not a Valentines Day person, there are still plenty of ways in which you can enjoy the day. With or without boxed chocolates, wine, diamonds, or even a steady partner, Valentines Day is full of love. Enjoy!

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