How To Make Him Miss You

how to make him miss you

Going through a breakup is hard, unfair, and can take a long while (or maybe forever) to leave in the past. During a breakup, or even after one, it is natural to want to make your ex feel nostalgic.

Simple tips on how to make him miss you:

Being missed by anyone is a really touching feeling. Here are some key answers to how to make him miss you.

1. Be the bigger person

During a breakup, it is easy to point fingers, call names, and try your best to hurt the other person. Though it may be tempting to take out your emotions on your former partner, being the bigger person will feel much better in the long run. Being the bigger person means you get to walk away with your head held high and with all of your dignity intact. Being the bigger person also means that your former partner will remember you in a positive way—not as someone who took out their feelings aggressively. He will miss you and your confidence in no time.

2. Don’t share everything

It is also tempting, in our social media-ruled world, to overshare about your life—especially while going through a breakup. Posting passive-aggressive Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter messages to get him to notice you is never the best choice. Live your life and share what you wish on the internet, but don’t share any (and every) thing in an attempt to gain attention from your ex. He will notice you without you trying too hard.

3. Have a great time

Speaking of sharing your life, have a great time! Get out, have fun, spend time with your girlfriends, drink wine, go dancing, read your favorite books, take yourself to the movies, go on vacation—really live it up! Having a great time and genuinely enjoying your life is the best way to get anyone to miss you. If you are having fun without him, he will start to reminisce about what it was like to have fun by your side.

4. Date someone new

Jealousy is one of the toughest emotions to deal with in life. We have all experienced jealousy and it is not a kind feeling to wish on another person. That being said, jealousy is also pretty natural. If you start dating someone new, your former partner will inevitably feel jealous about it because: why wouldn’t he?

Watching someone else make you smile and laugh and generally knowing that you are spending a lot of time with another person will definitely make your ex miss you. That being said, don’t date someone new with the intention of making your ex jealous—that is destructive to all parties.

5. Don’t engage him

Is your former partner sending you a lot of text messages, or calling you often, or leaving you long voicemails on occasion? Don’t engage with your ex, or at least keep it minimal if you cannot leave a text message unanswered. Remember that you don’t need anything from him and he shouldn’t need anything from you. If you scale back and do not constantly engage with him, you’ll figure out how to make him miss you that much quicker.

6. Don’t be passive

If you are passive and let other people (especially your ex) control your life, even well after you have broken up, you will never get over him. The best way to get someone to miss you is to be the leader of your own life. Do things for yourself, take care of your business first and foremost, and let him come to you. Try to think about it as little as possible. Missing you will come naturally.

7. Be happy

No one can force themselves into being happy. If you are having a hard time recovering from your breakup or something else major in your life, do not push yourself into happiness. However, do not allow yourself to remain unhappy if you are ready to embrace the change. Being happy is good for your soul. He will miss your happiness, even before he realizes it.

8. Treat yourself

When is the last time you bought a new pair of jeans or a cute pair of shoes or you went to the spa? Treating yourself is important at any point in your life but especially in the midst of a hard time. You deserve a new outfit, or a manicure, or a movie date with yourself. Treat yourself, spend time with yourself, and eventually, your man will realize how much he misses you. Taking care of yourself is a big part of the breakup process.

9. Exercise your independence

Everyone is attracted to someone who doesn’t need anyone. Of course, even the most independent person needs people in their lives, but that isn’t really the point. Allow yourself to truly soak in your independence and everyone will notice.

10. Be patient

If your goal is to have your former partner miss you, be patient. If your goal is to get over your former partner, be patient. If your goal is to find true love and finally feel comfortable and settled and happy again, be patient. Patience is a virtue for a reason. He will miss you if you are patient and by that point, you might not even want him back.

Final Thoughts

Breakups are hard and trying to figure out how to make him miss you may seem impossible, but time will heal all of your wounds and will eventually bring you to where you should be in life. He will miss you and your life will go on—even if those things are not mutually exclusive.

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