10 Tips To Preparing For A First Date

preparing for a first date

We have all been there… our “first date“…oh so stressful! Preparing for a first date can be incredibly nerve-wracking. Picking the day (or night), deciding on the activity, planning out a conversation, wondering who will pay, getting nervous about a potential first kiss…it can be enough to give any of us a headache.

10 effective steps to preparing for a first date:

There are plenty of good first steps to assure your first date goes as smoothly as possible. Follow these guidelines and you are sure to have a stress-free first date.

1. Listen to music

Music is a soul-saver. It can pump us up before a workout, bum us out when we are already sad, or set the perfect mood for a party. Music also works to inspire you before a first date. Listen to your go-to “happy” music (or radio station) to give you inspiration for a conversation later that night.

2. Don’t stalk his/her Facebook

It is incredibly tempting to look someone up on Facebook (or Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and judge everything they have ever said. Try not to do that before a first date. Judge this person and your chemistry based on how you interact with them in real life, not in the digital version of it.

3. Decide on something casual to wear

Even though dates are prime time to want to get incredibly fancy, why not opt for something casual? Your first date should be relaxed, and you should present a version of yourself that is more telling of your day-to-day personality. Even though we all know you can look incredibly beautiful when you are all dolled up (men and women!), it is nice to feel comfortable in yourself on a first date. Wow them later, be your daily self now.

4. Don’t starve yourself

If your nerves are getting the best of you, it may be hard to eat, even during your date. Snack on an apple, some string cheese, or almonds to make sure you have something in your stomach. There is nothing worse than avoiding food altogether. You could potentially end up grouchy when your hunger overtakes you later on in the night. Do both of you a favor and make sure you eat your food like any other day.

5. Shower

Even though this one seems incredibly obvious, it is important to allow yourself the time to take a long, relaxing shower. Everyone feels better after a hot shower or bath. Why not set yourself up for success by doing so? Take your time, and let yourself feel relaxed.

6. Be optimistic

It is easy to feel a lot of pressure before a first date. It is easy to naysay and compare to your last first date or relationship. None of that is helping you or your date. Spend some time with yourself in the mirror and allow yourself to be corny. Remind yourself that you are excited for the date, that you like this person, and that you cannot wait for a delicious dinner, or whatever you are looking forward to on the date.

7. Don’t cancel

I know that personally, I have been tempted to cancel every first date I have ever had, for any reason I could come up with. Resist the urge to do so. Cancelling a date can potentially ruin a great chance at a worthwhile future relationship. Not to mention, it will only hurt feelings. Go on the date, and if you don’t have a good time, simply don’t go on another (with that person).

8. Consult your best friend

Though it can be tough to have too many opinions flying at you, talking to your best friend is usually helpful in any situation. Your best friend assumedly knows you better than anyone else, and he or she can help you through anything. Work out any first date nerves you have by talking to your friend (or friends). He or she will calm you down and you will feel more prepared than ever.

9. Compliment yourself

Similar to being optimistic about your date, it wouldn’t hurt to remind yourself that you are beautiful or handsome and that you deserve good things to happen to you. Put your outfit on and let yourself know how great you look! Complimenting yourself is a great way to remind yourself that you deserve a great date and a healthy relationship.

10. Relax

Perhaps the most important part of going on a first date is to let yourself relax. You will have a much better time if you breathe deep and remind yourself that it is a date, not a death sentence!

Preparing for a first date can be maddening but these simple tips will help you have a perfect first date. You will have a great time, and even if you don’t, dates do not last a lifetime. Breathe deep, be yourself, and allow yourself to have a great time.

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