The Art of Decoding Text Messages From Your Crush

Decoding Text Messages

Oh, crushes! Everyone has had one, and everyone will continue to have them well into their futures. Crushes can be exciting, fun, confusing, tricky, and rewarding. When cell phones turned into smart phones and everyone ended up with one glued to their hand, having a crush got just a little more confusing. But, decoding text messages can be pretty confusing.

Text messages are a convenient addition to our lives, but they certainly added another layer of interpretation skills that we were not all born with. Text messages between girlfriends, and family members, and spouses are usually welcoming, reassuring, and comforting. But a text message from a crush can be quite the opposite.

Here we discuss how to decode common text messages you may receive from your new crush.

Decoding Text Messages from Your Crush

1. The letter “K”

Receiving a text message with just the letter “K” in it can be extremely frustrating from anyone –but from your crush, it can be downright aggravating. “K” as a response is one thing, but “k” as an answer is confusing.

Text sent: Can’t wait to see you tomorrow.

Text received: K.

In this case, that “K” is a tell-tale sign that your crush is absolutely disinterested in the situation, whatever it may be. Sure, he or she could be at work and may not have the time to respond, but it would be better to have no response than to have that casual, uncommitted response to such a kind statement from the sender.

Now, you do not have to end a potential relationship if he or she sends you a text like this one time, but if it is consistent, calling that crush quits would be the best plan for your life

2. Smiley Face

When your crush sends you a text message that ends in a smiley face, or any happy emoji or emoticon, he or she is attempting to convey excitement. Some sentences come across short without a smiley face or something else to jazz it up. Take it as a positive: if they are smiling, they hope you are too.

3. Good morning / Good night

Any crush that is wishing you a good morning or a good night (bonus points for both!) truly has good intentions. Sending a text message does not take very much effort, but the fact that someone is thinking of you first thing in the morning and last thing at night is a heartwarming sign.

4.  Hi,” “Hey,” or another variation of “Hello”

Any time someone sends you a “hello” out of the blue, it is a good sign. Usually generic “Hi” text messages are reserved for close friends and family members. If you are receiving a “Hi” from a crush – and it is not past 10:00 at night— consider yourself adored.

5.  “Can I call you?”

There are plenty of people who do not remember the days in which people just called people, unexpectedly. With the introduction of text messaging, we were also given the awkwardness of making a phone call and/or leaving a voice mail. People rarely talk on the phone these days, especially to those they are not as comfortable with. If your crush sends you a text message asking for your permission to call you, take it as a good sign!

There are still some old-fashioned chivalrous habits in some of us that require a phone call from time to time. Text messages are sweet, but taking the effort to hear someone’s voice on the other line is downright romantic.

 6. A lack of punctuation

Now, for people who are obsessed with proper grammar and spelling, text messages from your crush can be a dangerous thing. It is hard not to judge someone on their ability to perfectly construct a sentence, but in a text message, there should be some leeway.

Conversational texting is a real language, and people should not necessarily be held to English 101 standards when they are attempting to be casual. That all being said, it is hard to interpret a text message that lacks any punctuation, nonetheless the proper usage. Here is the carnal rule of a text message without punctuation: assume it is a question.

Text received: How are you

…clearly, that is a question. No one states, “how are you?”

Text received: What are you up to

Same message here. Though it is confusing to not use a simple question mark, it is safe to say that a question is being asked, with or without our favorite curly punctuation mark. There are so many variations of text messages that can be sent to and from new friends, new love interests, and everyone in between.

The best way to go about decoding text messages  is to use your best judgment, and maybe even guide the sender into proper text messaging form. Remember – text messages are the way of the future. Get used to it!

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