Successful Marriage: An Evolving Process

Successful Marriage

Marriages are made in heaven. It is a union of two souls; a bond that requires mutual respect, support and trust. For a marriage to work in the right way and to be called a ‘successful marriage,’ it is very important for the individuals entering the wedlock to keep their egos away and work as a unit.

Marriage is a blessing and a life-long commitment that restrains self-centeredness, self-indulgence and self-gratification.

Never marry but for love; but see that thou lovest what is lovely. ~ Penn (Tweet this)

Falling in love is not a choice, to stay in love is. Whether you select your spouse on your own or enter into an arranged marriage, if something is rocking your boat, you have the responsibility to balance it.

‘You’ and ‘Me’

Once you are married, no ‘you’ and ‘me’ exist. It is all about ‘us.’ There is no ‘yours’ and ‘mine’ in a wedlock. You are supposed to (and by your own guiding conscience must) always work as a single unit.

Will my Marriage work?

Yes, it will. Trust me, there is something called the ‘Belief System.’ Some people also refer to it as the phenomena of attracting things to your life. You can see it yourself in the Power of Prayers. The point is what you truly believe in, actually starts to transform your life in that desired direction.

If you are going through a rough phase or even if you are not, specifically feed your subconscious mind with only positive thoughts with not even a single negative term. Instead of saying, “I will not let my marriage break” tell it, “I will make my marriage work.”

One should believe in marriage as in the immortality of the soul. ~ Balzac (Tweet this)

Communication is the key to a successful marriage. Let your partner know how much they are loved and valued. Have realistic expectations from your partner.

Coping with Dissimilarities

Thinking that I should have married (or I should marry) someone who has likes and dislikes similar to mine is okay to some extent but it is practically impossible to know someone completely before deciding for marriage. Remember, it takes a lifetime to know a person.

Marriages are best made of dissimilar material. ~ Swedenborg (Tweet this)

The modern world’s corporate culture or other workplaces where men and women work together for most of the day often creates confusion in their marital life as jealousy creeps in. It is very childish to let such a thing take place in your life. The sanctity of the institution of marriage has no scope for jealousy at all.

Somehow, if any doubt arises, you can sort it out by talking calmly about it with your partner. If you choose to be aggressive, your spouse will tend to react in the same fashion and it will lead to a chain reaction. Conflicts are inevitable in a relationship.

It’s okay to go to bed angry, but wake up to a fresh day and a new start. Don’t hold grudges. Try to develop the bond with the habit of open communication on a regular basis and make it a successful marriage.

Marriage and Sacrifice

A disciple once visited a philosopher to seek his blessings on the eve of his wedding. The philosopher and his wife blessed him and his wife offered some drink to both the men. On her asking if the drink was sweet enough, the philosopher responded affirmatively. Then the philosopher asked his wife to bring in a lamp and she abided by him quietly.

On seeing all this, the disciple was perplexed and humbly asked his teacher why did he tell to his wife that the drink was sweet when by mistake she had added salt to it and also why did she quietly bring him a lighted lamp on his asking for it in broad daylight?

To this, the saint smiled and replied, “This is how married couples are supposed to behave for the marriage to work. There have to be no complaints and no demands. Neither did I complain about the sweetness of the drink nor did she demand for the reason of my asking for a lit lamp in daytime.”

The happiness of married life depends upon making small sacrifices with readiness and cheerfulness. ~ Selden (Tweet this)


Love is the foundation of a successful marriage. You need to respect your partner’s time and space. Trying to mold a grown individual according to your choice can turn out to be disastrous for you. Give time to yourself, your spouse and your marriage to evolve with mutual love and support.

So sit back, relax and enjoy each other. Let all your marriages have a fairy tale ending with a “And they lived happily ever after!”


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Rohini Jha is an author, writer, poet and a management graduate. She ardently believes in taking life one day at a time. A spiritually inclined person, she treads life on the path of growth and self-improvement with a firm view that whatever happens, happens for the better.

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