Playing Mom – Too Posh to be Mommy?

Playing mom, Too Posh to be Mommy

To play a mother’s role requires a lot of sincere efforts. This does not seem so strange in today’s times any more.

If you are surprised that I sound cynical—well . . . I am not. I’m just a little concerned as to public opinion when an educated mother decides to become stay-at-home and starts playing mom. Even for that matter if she wants a reduced-hours work schedule, so that she can spend longer hours caring for her young children.

Playing mom – waste of time?

It is a common perception that a woman educated in top universities and colleges and having great careers, commit a sort of social sin when they decide to give it all up for child rearing. This thorny issue recently got a fillip when the Danish Prime Minister recently remarked that educated women were wasting their time and brains by spending their precious time rearing children.

Unfortunately, it is a commonly-held perception that if one is not getting remunerated for work then it is bound to be worthless and thus can be delegated to anyone. Regrettably, one does not get remunerated in terms of money when it comes to rearing children. Thank goodness. I cannot imagine putting a price on love and care.

In other words, a women—if highly educated—should hire a nanny (who obviously is not as educated, because then she would not be a nanny) to be playing mom, while the mother utilizes her brains effectively by working. Children need constant guidance and stimulation in their wonder years and thereafter. And if this is true, would not a woman who is exposed to a superior education be any day better than someone, who is not? (In this case a nanny or au pair.)

A Mother’s prerogative

Should it not be a woman’s prerogative, how she would like to bring up her children? Has it always got to be according to the dictates of social norms? A woman, I believe, is truly emancipated and free if she makes her own choices, whatever they may be.

There is no right or wrong choice here. A mother who is happy and satisfied with leaving her kids in the care of a nanny, au pair, extended family member or a crèche is absolutely fine, as long as it is her choice. Similarly, a woman who decides to become stay-at-home mother because she feels that she is the best person to nurture them, then that should be considered perfectly acceptable, and not a waste of time.

Conclusion – Playing mom

It is really about personal choice, which I believe should be left completely to the concerned person. It is also a mistake in judgement to think that a woman has to be working, no matter what.

As a society we need to appreciate and realize the value of a secure home environment for child rearing. Who better than individual parents themselves—the mother in particular—to appreciate and realize how she would like to bring up her children? Are you okay playing mom or are you too posh?

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