How To Make A Great First Impression On A Date

How To Make A Great First Impression On A Date

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. ~ Will Rogers (Tweet this)

First dates can be as nerve wracking as job interviews for multiple reasons. Preparing for a first date can be stressful too. A first date is a way of “selling yourself” to another person. Assuming you are both attracted to each other either intellectually, physically, or both, it can be intimidating to then hope they like you as much as you think you might like them.

Learn how to make a great first impression on a date…

When you are on a romantic rendezvous, you know a good first impression holds the key to future romance. Here are a few tips to help you.

1. Be unique in your date plans

Though there is nothing wrong with dinner and a movie, or coffee and a walk, or the classic “meet for a drink,” it does show your unique personality if you plan a date that is a bit less typical. Take your date out to the new photography museum, or to breakfast instead of dinner, or to the next town over for a pastry. There are plenty of “non-cliche” date ideas. Do some research and act accordingly. At the least, it will be a date you will both remember for a long time.

2. Don’t complain

Though it is human nature to have at least one thing to complain about in your day to day life, a first date is not the time or place to do it. If you dislike your job, or your roommates, or you have a strange relationship with your parents, try to avoid discussing those subjects at great lengths on a first date. Though it is not necessary to hide your feelings, it is important to make sure you don’t spend what should be a magical first date complaining about your life.

3. Be a good listener

If you ask a question, listen to the answer. If you don’t ask a question but your date is talking, still listen. Paying attention to your date, listening and responding, and remembering your discussion in the future are all keys to being a good listener and being a great date.

4. Be a good communicator

Just as you should be a good listener, you should also be a good communicator. No one wants to be on a date with someone who doesn’t talk with them. Asking questions is great and listening is vital, but speaking is also necessary to make a great first impression. The more your date gets to know you, the more likely a second date will be. Here are a few tips to help you with things to talk about on a first date.

5. Don’t be offended by rejection

Even if you have a great first date, there is a chance that your date will not want to see you again. Though it is hard to not take it personally, it is important for you to allow yourself to move on. Resenting someone for not wanting to see you again is not a positive quality and will not make a good first impression. Even if you are not going out on another date, respecting your date’s request to not see you again is the ultimate way to make a final impression.

6. Be confident

Confidence is easier said than done, but if you can maintain a level of self-assuredness throughout your first date, the confidence will be there in full force. Confidence on a first date (or a first anything!) is tricky. Remind yourself of your personal mantra: you are smart, you are attractive, you are worthy!

7. Don’t be aloof

Acting “too cool” is not the way to get to a first date’s heart. If you are true to yourself and to your character, you will make a great first impression regardless. If you are genuinely a “chill” person, aloofness may come naturally to you. If you are not naturally aloof, do not attempt to be cool just because you are on a date. Aloofness is easily confused for rudeness, and that is the last thing you want on a date.

8. Make the first move

If everything is going well, ask your date out on a round two! Don’t shy away from being the first one to make any of the moves. Ask your date on a second date, kiss him or her first, tell them  you love them first, ask them to marry you first! (Don’t do most of those things on the first date.) It is okay to know what you want and go after it without following the typical “dating” rules. If you feel something (and you feel that it is reciprocated,

9. Act like you want to be there

Dates are not for everyone. Some people really dislike first dates and getting to know a new person and “small talk.” Even if that is the case for you personally, it is important to act like you want to be on your date. Ideally, your date will be going so well that you won’t notice that you dislike first dates!

10. Be friendly

Friendly people make the world go ‘round. Being nice and kind and friendly to your date is a very important step to your future romance. Even if things do not go well for you and this particular first date, maintaining your friendliness is the most important thing. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. Everyone deserves to greet a friendly face.

Final thoughts

First dates are great, even if they are not your cup of tea. Not everyone can have a perfect first date. But making a great first impression on a date is important for your future, either with or without the chance of a second date. Ultimately, making a solid first impression on a date is vital for your overall persona.

To the world you may be one person, but to one person you are the world.~ Bill Wilson (Tweet this)

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