10 Things To Talk About On A First Date

things to talk about on a first date

Knowing the things to talk about on a first date is the hardest part of dating. Though many people believe that talking about controversial topics on a first date is actually a good idea, I personally feel that it is best to play it safe. There is a way to have conversation that is more sincere than small talk without risking discomfort for either party.

Here are a few things to talk about on a first date:

First date conversations can be tricky. What do you talk about? Here are a few surefire conversation pieces to focus on for your next first date.

1. Your Travel History

Asking questions like, “Where is the farthest you’ve ever traveled?” is a great way to open up a conversation. Even if the answer is something like the eastern side of your own state, there are inevitable stories and experiences to share. Talking about travel is also a great way to discuss your compatibility—you both want to go to Greece one day? Perfect!

2. Your Travel Dreams

By asking a question like, “If you could go to one place in the world, where would it be,” you are getting to know something significant about each other. Even if you never end up visiting the highest summit in Switzerland (or something like that), discussing your hopes and dreams with someone can make you feel closer to them.

3. Your family history

Though talking about families right off the bat can be tricky if you come from a family you are not close with, it is almost inevitable. Instead of focusing on the now, ask a question like, “How much do you know about your family heritage?” to broaden your horizons. Even if someone is not particularly close with their family, discussing family heritage is something that interests most everybody. End up discussing what your great-great-grandmother did in Sicily rather than what your parents are doing currently.

4. Music

One of my least favorite questions has always been, “What kind of music do you listen to?” Though that question may be easy for some people to answer, there are so many music genres these days, it is nearly impossible to answer. Instead of focusing on a genre, ask something like, “What’s your favorite song, and why?” Though many people will not be able to pick one favorite song, it will at least get the ball rolling for a conversation.

5. A Day in your Life

Has anyone ever asked you about your perfect day? I have many variations of what I imagine my perfect day could be like, but there are no wrong answers to this question. Asking someone what their perfect day looks like opens up a world of conversations and is also a great way to check your compatibility. If someone’s perfect day involves extreme sports, whereas your perfect day involves a rainy day and a cup of coffee—it will be easier to decide if you two are compatible or not. And hey, don’t forget that opposites attract.

6. The Weather

Though “the weather” does not seem like a deep conversation to have, it really can branch out into something more important. Asking someone what their favorite season is can open up a more significant conversation. Maybe winter is your favorite season because it reminds you of growing up in London, or maybe you love the summer because it is the season you and your best friend share a birthday. Weather and seasons are things everyone can relate to—it is okay to talk about them.

7. Your Animal History

People with pets love talking about their pets. Simply asking someone how many pets they have or who their favorite pet of all-time was is a great way to connect. Family pets are important to so many people, even well after they have grown up and are out of the house. Talking about your favorite dogs and cats, or birds and bunnies is a really lighthearted way to get to know each other.

8. Your jobs

Though talking about work can be boring; it is also an undeniable part of your life. Try asking, “What made you choose the career you’re in? Or what would you rather be doing?” to really get to know your date. It is more than okay if you (or your date) does not love your current career, but discussing your dream jobs can be just as important as discussing your current career.

9. Movies

Sure, movies can be a kind of boring subject, but it happens to be a passion for many, many people. Asking something like, “What is the first movie that ever made you laugh?” is more interesting than asking, “What’s your favorite movie?” Discussing your favorite comedies, dramas, Oscar winners, and everything in between is a great way to get to know each other.

10. Your Friends

Though the family conversation can be tough for some, friendships are usually a happy subject. Ask your date who their best friend is, how they met, what they like about them. Discussing friendships is great insight into who each other is. Not to mention, talking about your friends is an easy conversation—who knows your friends better than you do?

Yes, a first date can be nerve-racking but remember these tips on things to talk about on a first date, so that the next time you go on a date you are relaxed and confident. You are more likely to have a perfect first date when you are feeling this way!

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