Healthy Relationship Tips – Respect, Appreciate and Love

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Want to make the relationships in your life pleasant and positive? Use the mantra of the three magic words: Respect, Appreciate, and Love, and change the very flavor of your closest relationships. We are quick to anger, slow to forgive, reluctant to appreciate but ready to judge and criticize.

We crave for a loving, healthy relationship and meaningful life experiences as we go through the journey of our lives without stopping to check how we ourselves set up a cycle of unhappiness and emptiness for ourselves.

Respect, Appreciate and Love one another, for this brings a new flavor in a healthy relationship thereby building a strong foundation for the times to come.

In the daily chase after money and material accomplishments, it can be challenging to sustain our best selves and not give in to stress and negativity which damage the true treasures of life—Inner peace, love, and happiness.

The ‘Dash’ by Linda Ellis

Linda Ellis penned down a poem one fine day and titled it, “The Dash.” Little did she know that the poem will change her life forever and also impact the lives of many others positively!

In the poem, she shares something she read about a man who attends the funeral of one of his friends. While speaking about her, he first reads out her date of birth and then her date of death and then goes on to say that what actually matters is the ‘dash’ between the two dates.

How we spend the years symbolized by the ‘Dash’ makes all the difference. In the poem, Linda asks everyone to check if there is something about their lives they would like to change before their ‘dash’ is suddenly over one fine day.

Let us learn about a few relationship tips which will help you make your life more meaningful:


When we truly respect another person, we understand that whatever he or she does or thinks is perfectly alright according to him at that point of time. No one does anything they consider to be wrong. We may not think of the action as correct but that is entirely our perspective.

We can always communicate our thoughts to the other person but it is first important to accept and respect the other person’s freedom of thought and action.


How many people do we know who openly give compliments and appreciate the goodness in others? More often than not, we take the good in others for granted and choose to focus on their negative traits instead. This mostly happens in close relationships.

We often get the same kind of energy back from them and it doesn’t take much time for a healthy relationship to turn sour and become meaningless.

Appreciate every good thing in your partner or any good work done by your partner. Appreciation brings a new flavor in relationships. It brings love and happiness in the relationships which leads to a healthy relationship.


When we love the people in our lives deeply, we experience the finest emotion there is on earth. Our life seems beautiful and acquires a wonderful new meaning. Almost suddenly, trivial matters stop governing our life experience and we feel more positive than ever before.

Conclusion – Respect, Appreciate and Love

Respect, Appreciate and Love. Live in the present moment. Appreciate the small aspects of life. Slowing down and re-evaluating everything will force you to see the beauty of your own life.

Developing our capacity for respecting, appreciating and loving others will make us proud of ourselves and help us feel satisfied about our life at the end of the day. Consider your choice of thoughts and attitudes before they impact your healthy relationship and even more importantly, your life.

Demanding respect from yourself is essential to the quality of your life. Once you respect yourself, your attitude toward yourself will change and other people will respect you.

Learning to love yourself is crucial to your well-being. Self-appreciation is another vital factor in your journey through life. Reach deep into yourself to find your special and common qualities that make you undeniably phenomenal.

Each one of us has to face a number of situations on our journey of life, but when we remember to live using the three magic words—Respect, Appreciate and Love—we do ourselves and the people in our lives a great big favor!


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Supradeep Mukherjee is an author, trainer and broadcaster. Educated at Hindu College and the Delhi School of Economics, he has consulted with a number of corporate organisations, radio stations and academic institutions. His areas of interest include Personal Development, Parenting, Relationships and Lessons in Living from Mythology.

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