Healthy Parenting and Child Development

Child Development, Healthy Parenting
Children are God’s embodiment. To bring kids to the world is not only a right provided by nature but also a responsibility on the parent’s shoulders. If it would not have been so, children would come out of eggs just the way turtles do. Children echo the language of their parents, so, healthy parenting and Child development go hand in glove.

It is a duty on part of their guardian to see that their offspring learn the ways to live life in its true terms. Healthy parenting is the most precious gift a child can receive and a parent can give.

Home is the First school for your Child

In the modern day, with both parents working, it gets quite difficult to attentively bring up children but it is equally unwise to plant saplings in your garden and leave them without care.

The best gift, and investment, you can give your child is your time. ~ Kevin Heath (Tweet this)

If you want your plant to grow healthy and straight, you need to provide proper care and support. Obviously, it is very important for parents to provide correct guidance, support and care to their children as well.

Discipline in children

When I was a student, somebody asked me in a debate, “How would you discipline a child without raising a hand, specially, if the child is too stubborn?” My simple answer was, “Have you ever seen a rope leave its imprint on the sides of a well?

A child’s mind and heart are much more receptive than a rock. If you really try to make a child understand something politely, he WILL understand.”

Undue Demands

Children are like potter’s clay. What they grow-up into depends on the way you mold them. Parents readily fulfill each and every demand of their children without delay. This doesn’t even sound appealing, as, this way your kids would never learn to value things in their lives.

It is the guardian’s responsibility to make their kids understand that one has to work hard to earn things and life does not offer anything to anyone readily. Lack of such guidance is one of the prime reasons for the degradation of ethical values amongst people of the newer generation.

Combined efforts of parents in child development

Your child is your biggest investment. A father and mother play different roles in the upbringing of a child and the parts played by both are equally vital. Though initially, a mother’s care is more important for the kid but as he grows up, the father’s care and responsibility towards the child cannot be ignored.

Spend quality time with your kid

Bringing up your kid, understanding his needs, is not child’s play; it is an art. Every child is different from the other. Just the way each finger in a hand is different from the other, children born from the same mother are also different. That is why, to identify each child as an individual is very significant.

Communicate with your child

You need to keep the communication channel with your kids open at all times and at all costs. This will help you make a special bond with your child and will help you build a special bond with your child and will help them realize that they have a mature guide with them who would show them the right path whenever they are in a dilemma.

Your children will become what you are; so be what you want them to be. ~ David Bly (Tweet this)

Try to be friendly with them and encourage them to speak the truth. If your child utters something that is not appealing to you and you scold him for the same, then he will deliberately start to hide facts from you. He might also start looking for some other place to confide. It is not the number of hours that you spend with your kid but the quality of time spent together that counts.


Helping your child learn to skillfully sail through life is a significant aspect that every parent should pay attention to. You are responsible as a concerned parent for the well-being and upbringing of your child. If you do not have time for your kids today, they will not have time for you tomorrow.

So, be a role model for your children and know your own needs and limitations as a parent.


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