51 Life-Changing Positive Affirmations

Maybe you want more money, or success in your business, maybe it is a new job or maybe you just want to be happier in your life – whatever it is, learning to accurately use the 51 Positive Law of Attraction Affirmations as a tool, will definitely help you get what you want.

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If you are anxious to take a quick peek at the list of 51 powerful positive affirmations, you can skip the next few sections and scroll down right to the list…

But, if you have just stepped into the world of Law of Attraction and curious to understand the power of Law of Attraction affirmations, I’m going to share with you why these positive affirmations are so important and how you can practically use them in your life to help you attract the desire you really want.

I am also going to give you 2 essential keys to creating your own daily affirmations AND give you the most positive affirmations you can use to transform every area of your life.

If you’ve been anywhere in the self-improvement world over the past…well forever, you are well aware of the all the attention given to the Law of Attraction affirmations.

Endless brain studies and psychology reports, even the global mindset leaders like Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, and Wayne Dyer, all verify the tremendous value of positive law of attraction affirmations in transforming your life – okay we get it, affirmations are important!

But I think it’s extra important to examine why affirmations are so powerful in transforming your life? Understanding why affirmations work will actually cause them to have an even more powerful impact on your life.

What’s all the hoopla about? Why are positive affirmations so important?

First, let’s get clear about what we are talking about as we refer to affirmations. An affirmation is generally defined as a statement declaring the truth or validity of something. So positive affirmations really can be about anything (which we will come back to later on).

But what most people think about when they hear the word “affirmations” are the positive statements we create and then repeat over and over in order to help create a better life.

For example:

There are positive affirmations about abundance like: “Abundance flows to me” or “Money is easy for me”.

There are daily affirmations about health like: “My body is thriving” or “I nourish my body”.

There are positive affirmations about love like: “I am surrounded by love” or “love always finds me”.

The link between affirmations and the Law of Attraction

If you have read How To Make the Law of Attraction Work For You you know that everything at its most basic level is energy. And energy is always in motion. All energy vibrates at different frequencies.

And guess what? Positive affirmations carry vibration, so every time you affirm something to the universe around you, you are sending out that vibration to the universe.

As you send this energy out to the universe the Law of Attraction naturally lines up things of similar frequency energy.

So if you use affirmations (statements declaring truth) that carry a positive vibration with them, you are sending out positive vibes to the universe and you will attract things that are a vibrational match.

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Positive affirmations- Everything is energy.

The more positive vibes you send out, the more positive vibes you get back.

But if you use daily affirmations that carry a negative vibration with them, you are sending out negative vibes to the universe and you will attract things that are a vibrational match to that.

The more negative vibes you send out, the more negative vibes you get back.

Obviously, we aren’t going to purposefully send out negative vibes, but are you truly aware of all of the affirmations you are using?

Be careful what you affirm

You likely aren’t even aware of all the other affirmations you are currently using in your own life right now. Remember the definition of an affirmation is a statement declaring the truth.

When we stop for a second and take the focus specifically off of positive affirmations, we realize affirmations are really about anything, and we use them all the time.

When you speak about your government and say “Our leadership is in dismay,” you are affirming this. As you talk about your drive to work and comment “I always hit the worst traffic,” you are confirming the trueness of this.

When you go grocery shopping, have a pleasant interaction with the cashier and make a mental note “There are so many nice people around here,” again, you are affirming this truth in your reality.

When you affirm something, you are confirming the trueness of it, and it is through these affirmations, which your individual life experience is created.

When you start to learn about how to control your mind over what vibrations you want to send out to the universe, you start to be a little more picky about what you affirming and sending out.

This is where positive affirmations come into play. You can decide what you want to attract and create affirmations that are a match for what you want.

Ok now you know how daily affirmations work in our world and why they are so important, so let’s talk about how you can specifically use them to your advantage in attracting more of what you want.

Daily affirmations are most commonly thought of and referred to as the words that come out of your mouth. Speaking your affirmations.

But there are actually 4 main ways you can really leverage the power of affirmations.

You can either speak affirmations out loud
You can write down affirmations
You can listen to affirmations
You can think affirmations within your mind

It’s all about using your physical senses. All of these methods will activate the feeling (vibration) of the affirmation, which helps draw more of that energy into your life.

Often times, the more ways you use to activate the vibration you want, the more powerful the vibration is.

Meaning if you choose an affirmation and you speak it out loud and write it down and listen to it and repeat it in you mind, you are activating that vibration over and over and it becomes stronger and more powerful for attracting.

I do want to mention here that what is actually the most important… is the constant and endless affirming that you are doing every moment of every day within your mind. Of the hundreds of thousands of thoughts that run through your mind on a daily basis – 90% of them are about the same thing. Over and over and over, you are affirming whatever it is.

It is what goes on inside our head and our thoughts that hold the most leverage in using affirmations. And it is because of what you just learned.

That which you wish for wishes for you. And the entire universe wishes it too. ~ Unknown (Tweet this)

You are thinking all day long, that means whatever vibration the majority of your thoughts are holding is the majority of the energy you are sending out and therefore the majority of what you are experiencing in your life.

So let’s get you on track for defining your own daily affirmations so you can start to practice them and start sending out the vibes that you really want to get back.

How most people use affirmations…

Basically, the average process most people use is:

Step #1: Define what they want: For example, most people often say, “I want more money.

Step #2: They make up a positive statement about money: For example, they say, “My bank account is overflowing.

Step #3: They repeat it until they are blue in the face hoping that because they are saying it, it will somehow magically become true.

And this method isn’t entirely wrong…

That is definitely one way to use positive affirmations, but I am going to share with you a more effective and powerful way to truly leverage your power of affirmations.

2 keys for writing powerful affirmations

Pay close attention here, because there are two things that most people miss when they are creating personal affirmations for themselves, that make a huge impact on how effective they will be.

Key #1: Your positive affirmation will be most effective when it elicits a positive emotional response within you.

Remember what you learned about why daily affirmations are important, it is about the vibration.

It’s not actually the words themselves that carry the energy, it is how you FEEL about those words that are the most important.

When you read, think, say or hear your daily affirmation, it must activate a positive emotion within you. That way you know it will bring more positive into your life.

Key #2: Write your daily affirmation in the present tense:

When you are deliberately leveraging the Law of Attraction affirmations, you want to send the message to the universe that what you want is already real.

If you choose an affirmation that states what you want as if it happens in the future (I wish for more money) – it will always stay in the future.

Whereas if you write it as if it is happening now, the universe takes that signal to match the reality of it happening and brings it to you (Money always comes to me).

The most important element to remember when you are practicing your positive affirmations – feel them! Let the words activate a feeling within you – that is how you direct the universe to give you what you want.

Top 51 Law of Attraction affirmations

Listed below are the top 51 positive law of attraction affirmations for success in ALL dimensions of your life.

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Everything I have presented here gives you the resources to take action and create your own law of attraction affirmations to begin or strengthen your journey to attracting everything you want. You are the deliberate creator of your life and you have the power to create a life full of everything you love. And all of the above listed positive affirmations will be your daily dose of success. Have fun!

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