11 Best Friend Gifts For Any “Just Because” Moment

11 Best Friend Gifts For Any Just Because Moment

Since Valentine’s Day is in February, most of us consider February to be the “month of love.” One thing more people need to realize is that “love” is all-encompassing. The word “love” does not have to imply romance—you can love your family, your friends, your pet, your boss, your dentist, and lots of other people in your life. Why don’t you celebrate your friendship? Why not celebrate your bestie and buy some best friend gifts.

Here is a great guide to some excellent best friend gifts for the holidays, a birthday, or a random “just because” moment.

1. A cute mug

Some people have such a passion for mugs that it is hard to resist adding to their collection. There are hundreds of shops (like Etsy!) online that are readily available for you to search high and low in order to find the perfect mug for your best friend. Do you have an inside joke or a favorite television show that you both love? There is sure to be a mug for that! You can even get matching mugs to unite your friendship.

2. Jewelry

Some of your friends probably have such a distinct style that you cannot help but think of them when you see that perfect necklace, ring, or pair of earrings. Why not grab that cute bracelet you saw at a boutique shop to surprise your best friend? If you see something that reminds you of your pal, it is always a kind gesture to purchase it.

3. A journal

If you have a friend who is passionate about writing, why not find him or her the perfect journal? Journals are a great gift even for non-writer types. Journals help keep you focused, organized, and efficient—who doesn’t want to be those things? There are so many great journals waiting to be discovered. Grab a list-based journal, a college-ruled lined journal, or a sketch journal for your bestie to express themselves.

4. An old album

Whether your friend prefers vinyl records, CDs, or a simple Spotify playlist, creating and sharing music with one another is a great way to bond. Why not grab that first boy band album you two ever listened to together? We all love nostalgia. Your best friend will appreciate the familiarity and your kind gesture.

5. Printed-out pictures

Though the days of photo albums may seem over, there are some really creative ways to print pictures online these days. Check out websites like Social Print Studio to print out your Facebook or Instagram feed. Present your best friend with some of her best pictures or pictures of the two of you together. What a gift!

6. Adult coloring books

Adult coloring books are all the rage right now, and why shouldn’t they be? Coloring can reduce stress and entertain even the most serious adult. (And kids love it too, of course!) Pick up an adult coloring book focused on a subject your best friend loves. Enchanted Forests, anyone?

7. Lipstick

Any makeup makes a great gift but there is something special about lipstick. If your best friend is curious about lip color and has yet to explore it, pick her up a stick that matches her style or skin color. A bold red looks great on anyone. MAC Cosmetics are a great place to start someone’s makeup collection.

8. A tote bag

The push to use reusable bags for grocery shopping, exploring the mall, or heading to the local Farmers Market has been huge in recent years. Instead of wasting paper and plastic for your shopping excursions, everyone should have a great bag that they can use over and over again. Why not grab your best friend a perfect tote to match his or her style? There are so many options online (and in your local stores). A great gift that is also good for the environment!

9. A new (or used) book

Reading is truly for everyone. If your best friend has never read the Harry Potter book series, or he or she has always wanted to delve into their favorite comedian’s memoir, why not pick it up for them? Books are truly the gift that keeps on giving. Your best friend will appreciate the gesture as you provide them with hours of entertainment.

10. Scarves, cardigans, and beanies

Accessorizing is fun and stylish for everyone. You know that feeling of wanting to borrow all of your friend’s things? Though sharing is important, why not buy your best friend her own scarf, beanie, or cardigan? She will love the thought you put into her own personal style.

11. A new water bottle

Reusable water bottles are the perfect gift for the person on-the-go. Your best friend will love carrying his or her water bottle to the office, the gym, the movies, or simply to keep in his or her car. There are so many great water bottles to choose from these days. Check out S’well if you really want to spoil your bestie!

For best friend gifts, that’s a wrap!

Whether or not it is Valentine’s Day, your best friend’s birthday, or just a day to recognize your bestie, best friend gifts are always fun! Have fun, get creative, and make your best friend’s day!

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