10 Ways to Treat Yourself to a Solo Date

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Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Be true to yourself. How you treat yourself sets the standard for how others will treat you. ~ Steve Maraboli (Tweet this)

One of the most underrated types of dating is dating yourself. There are an incredible number of things you can do on your own, and all can be just as fun (or even more fun) than having someone with you. Spending time with yourself is a great way to relax and to clear your mind, even if you are unaware that you need to do so. Here are some of the best things to do to treat yourself to a night in the town.

1. Treat yourself to the Cinema

If you have never taken yourself to the movies, stop what you are doing right now and head to your local movie theater. Many people express fear about going to the movies alone, but there is no validity to that. There is something so special about going to the movie theater by yourself. Not only do you get to pick out the movie sans conflicting opinions, but you get the popcorn all to yourself!

Treat Yourself, Do it – you may never want to see a movie with anyone else again.

2. A fancy Restaurant

Though the fear of eating out alone is maybe even greater than the fear of seeing a movie alone, there is something liberating about it. Going to lunch by yourself is one thing, but going to a nice dinner alone is another. Go to your favorite restaurant on a busy night. Take a book and leave your phone in the car. Order a glass of wine and eat whatever you want. You will leave with a sense of liberation and a clear mind.

It is worth overcoming the timidity of being in public solo.

3. A trip down Memory Lane

Have you been meaning to clear your hard drive for a while? Do you have 2,800 pictures in your iCloud? Do you have boxes and boxes of old photos that you have been meaning to organize? Date night!

There is nothing more exciting than going through your own stuff with yourself. Make dinner at home, and spend a few hours going down your own memory lane. You can even make a list of people you haven’t talked to in awhile and spend the next night reconnecting. Not only is it a fun activity, but it will help organize your life.

Treat yourself today! You are a unique, sparkling, spectacular soul. Celebrate you. ~ Amy Leigh Mercree (Tweet this)

4. Take a Fun class

Most cities offer art classes, cooking classes, book clubs, or yoga classes to participate in. If you have never been able to find someone to join with you, join by yourself! It is always a great experience to learn a new talent, even if you are doing it on your own. Take that Italian cooking class you have always wanted to take. You can impress your friends with a fancy homemade meal later.

Taking a class also expands your social circle – you never know who you might meet.

5. Catch a view of the Sunset

Though sunsets (and sunrises) tend to be thought of as highly romantic, who said romance is just for two? Take your favorite book or your fresh journal and a pen out to the park and watch the sunset. Nature tends to inspire, so maybe it will help jog your creative juices.

6. Have a Book Reading party

Look at your bookshelf. Have you read all of the books you own? If you haven’t, start from the top and work your way down toward the bottom.Taking a good chunk of every day to read is important, but when is the last time you spent hours doing so? Turn off your electronics and lose yourself in a great book. You won’t regret it.

7. Bake some Cookies

Baking cookies is a great activity for a Friday night, anytime of the year. Even if you don’t plan on consuming all of the cookies on your own, baking cookies is always great fun. Put on your favorite album, and bake the night away. Also, indulge in some. Life is too short not to eat cookies.

8. Go to a local Museum

Day dates apply to solo dates, as well. Going to your local museum is not only historical and educational, but it is affordable and entertaining. Leave your house at noon and return only after you have gobbled up all of the historical information you can handle. Your day will be made.

9. Dress up

Whether you are going to the movies, going out to dinner, or even just baking cookies, dressing up is a great way to entertain yourself. There is no shame in dressing up for yourself, so put on your Sunday’s finest and have a great night – no matter what you are doing.

The greatest tool of self-love is self-awareness. Once you truly know yourself, love is the only option. ~ Vironika Tugaleva (Tweet this)

10. Redecorate your home

Though some may see it as a chore, redecorating is a great way to spend your night alone. You can redecorate your bathroom, your bedroom, your living room, or your kitchen. Regardless of what you choose to do, you will spend hours of your time perfecting your living space. Hey, redecorating can even be fun. And don’t forget the music!

Be good to yourself, treat yourself, love yourself, give yourself a memorable gift and celebrate milestones!!!!

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