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organic makeup

Organic has become the new ‘thing’ in every aspect of our lives. We hear the word organic being dropped for almost everything from vegetables, fruits, and grains to clothing, upholstery and even furniture.

Organic makeup and skin care has not been left behind and is a part of the giant cosmetic industry. So, it’s time to understand what organic makeup really is about.

What really is organic makeup?

Organic makeup is made from herbal materials—that is, substances that are derived from plants and minerals.

Breaking it down further, it would mean that organic makeup is made from naturally-occurring substances which have not been exposed to any kinds of external chemicals or pesticides.

The goodness and safety of organic makeup

Organic makeup works well and is usually considered safer. For example the powder, one of the popular brands Bare Minerals or Bare Esscentuals (advertised emphatically on TV shopping) uses organic cornstarch as its principle ingredients.

Since pesticides and artificially-induced chemicals are missing in organic products it is good for you in the long term and protects you from chemical damage especially from long-term and regular usage.

However, it is important to know that organic does not always mean safe because plants and minerals may contain natural toxins and chemicals which could be harmful to the skin.

In the earlier times Japanese women used a natural white powder which caused lead poisoning despite being absolutely organic because of the natural lead content in the powder.

It is important to check out the ingredients and look specifically for the following chemicals:

  • Sodium laurel sulphate – may cause mild-to-moderate skin irritation and allergy if you are sensitive
  • Paraben – often used as an organic makeup preserver and contains estrogen
  • Hydrosols – contains water which may not have been purified and could contain chemicals

You must not blindly pick up makeup claiming to be organic. The products must be certified organic. In the US the National Organic Program has to certify the product as organic and the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act has to certify the products to be safe as well.

In India the NPOP India (National Programme for Organic Production) is responsible for certifying organic products.

Organic makeup / skin care – products and brands

There are a lot of good and well-established brands in the market today from both international as well as Indian brands. In India a lot of organic makeup skin care using ayurvedic formulas are available.

Forest Essentials offer a wide array of natural and organic products which are excellent. Brilliant, effective and quality products are available from Wellness Ocean—an online store hosting a range of organic companies.

While, the emphasis on ‘Natural’ products are very high the organic bit is still in its nascent stage here. However, there are a lot of International brands available in India like Body Shop, Lush and Bare Minerals offering organic makeup (and other products as well) in India.

So go ahead and try out that organic makeup the next time you wish to indulge but remember to check out the credibility of the product. After all, organic makeup and products generally do cost more so you must get what has been promised to you.

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