8 Fashion Tips to Help You Look Beautiful

Look beautiful

Ask a woman who is going to attend a party or an event, “What is your main area of concern?” The reply will be, “I want to look my best . . . more beautiful than any other woman there.” Isn’t that the truth?! We all want to look beautiful when going out for a special occasion or event.

Case Study

Pam admires an actress and wanted to look like her in her brother’s marriage. So, she bought a dress inspired by that actress and went to a salon and instructed the beautician to do her makeup just like that actress. The beautician told her that same make up will not work as her skin tone is not that fair. But, Pam wanted the same look, especially the bright red lip color.

But, when she entered the venue thinking that she is looking ultra glamorous, staring eyes told her that something is wrong. She asked her husband and was reminded of the beautician’s advice. She regretted her decision but could not do anything about it.

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Every woman wants to look beautiful and wants to be appreciated by others for her fashion sense and makeup. We all get inspired by others also and want to look like them. But, what is required on our part, is to be careful and understand what suits us, so ladies, next time, when you are going out, take care to avoid these mistakes:

1. Occasion: Always choose your dress according to the occasion and weather. If it’s a close family function, heavy makeup, jewelry and fancy outfits look good. But, if it’s your husband’s friend’s wedding, tone it down to avoid looking overdressed.

2. Celebrity Style: We are inspired by celebrities and their sense of style. At times, we want to dress up exactly like them and forget whether it will suit our body or not. At the end, we may end up looking bulky. The dress just does not suit our body. Focus on selecting an outfit that suits your body type and can enhance your curves.

3. Jewelry: Women also tend to wear a lot of jewelry on marriages and other functions. Remember, it is not necessary to be heavily decked-out always. While deciding on jewelry, consider your outfit, hairdo and make up. If you are already wearing a heavy outfit, make sure to balance it with suitable jewelry.

4. Make-up: Always do your make up according to the weather and time of day. If the event is in the summer or during the day, opt for a light and waterproof makeup and if, you are going out at night, bright is good.

5. Footwear: Choose footwear that is stylish but, comfortable at the same time. If we are not comfortable while standing and walking, our whole personality will lose its charm. So, give comfort equal importance while dressing up.

6. Rehearse: If you are doubtful about your style and look, you can always have a rehearsal to check if the makeup, hair do, clothes and accessories suit you or not.

7. Comfort: If you feel that you will be uncomfortable or you will not be able to carry the clothes, the makeup, or the look well, rethink your decision. Many people make this mistake and the discomfort shows on the face and in their behavior.

8. Smile: Do not forget to wear that million-dollar smile and be confident. It will automatically make you look beautiful.


There is no harm in wanting to look beautiful and glamorous. But, we also need to be sure of what we are wearing. The wrong dress, makeup or jewelry can spoil the whole look. Remember, wear what you look good in, know what suits you and take input from your family and friends. You will definitely ROCK THE SHOW!!!!

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