Do 3D movies make you sick?

Do 3D movies make you sick? Whenever you go to a movie theater, you might prefer front seats for a better view. However, this might not be the case with you when watching a 3D movie. Many people experience 3D sickness—and all those who suffer from 3D sickness should opt for back seats.

Most often, people experience 3D sickness when they watch movies from the seats very near to the screen. Many people reported this kind of problem after watching a very popular 3D movie ‘Avatar.’

What is 3D sickness?

Symptoms of 3D sickness are similar to those of motion sickness. The common symptoms include headache, blurred vision or double vision, nausea and dizziness.

The main problems that cause the 3D vision syndrome are related to common binocular vision problems. These problems may include Amblyopia (lazy eye) / Strabismus (eye turns), Convergence Insufficiency and Convergence Excess.

Relief from 3D Sickness

If you are suffering from this kind of problem, you must consult a physician. Once proper diagnosis is done, a treatment plan can be followed to get relief.

3D Vision Therapy

If you suffer from 3D sickness problems and discomfort whenever you watch a 3D movie, you should visit an optometrist. The doctor will check your eyes for a binocular vision problem and might advise you to go through vision therapy. Vision therapy trains eyes to work properly by performing repetitive tasks.

This 3D vision therapy not only provides greater comfort for watching 3D movies but also improves overall near vision. You can improve your performance for simple tasks such as reading, using computers, driving a car or others.

Pick Your Movie Seat

To avoid a 3D sickness, make sure you book a seat that is anywhere from the middle to the back of the movie hall.

3D sickness with kids

Kids might also feel 3D sick. However, they might not know that they have a problem. You can ask them after they have watched any 3D content whether they felt any discomfort.

These days several popular gaming stations such as PlayStation have 3D content. If your kids suffer from 3D sickness, stop them from using those electronic gadgets exposing them to 3D stuff.

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