Yoga Dress – What to wear for Yoga

Yoga Dress

Yoga dress may not be of prime importance to you but definitely dressing well and appropriately makes your workout a lot more enjoyable. We do not need to overwork our brains on it as though we getting dressed for the red carpet but a little attention on your workout clothes are necessary.


Wear comfortable well-fitting tops that are not overly tight or too loose. Wear a Yoga dress in which you are comfortable and won’t feel self-conscious. It is a good idea for women to wear sports bras or aerobic tops below T-shirts.


Yoga pants are available in almost all department- or clothing-stores. However, you may wear any kind of track pants, cotton capris or even shorts as long as they are form fitting and do not restrict your movements.

Be careful with the yoga dress (pant) length as you shouldn’t trip and also be able to see your feet for setting up certain yoga poses.


Yoga is traditionally practiced in bare feet as sneakers/shoes don’t allow flexibility and stability for many poses. Regular socks can make you slip and lose balance. However, if you wish to cover your feet, non skid yoga socks are available. Some people even use ballet slippers.


Natural, breathable and cotton fabrics are the best for yoga. Most companies make clothes in cotton with a very small percentage of Lycra blended to allow good movement. Anti-sweat or dry-fits are available from a lot of companies for a more pleasant workout experience.


I know this isn’t officially clothing but ensure when you are getting dressed for yoga you apply a good and pleasant smelling deodorant. Not only will you feel fresh in class but you spare the others in class the agony of bad body odor.

There are loads of clothing companies selling yoga clothing in India. Urban Yoga specializes in yoga dress (attire) and gear and is available in most department stores across most metros.

Sports brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok and Puma have a good collection of yoga dress clothing. So, go on . . . get yourself some nice comfortable gear in colors and styles that you like and make your yoga workout even more fun. Remember looking good makes you feel good.

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