How To Be Energetic Throughout The Day

how to be energetic

We wake up in the morning feeling fresh – ready to take on the day with lots of energy and enthusiasm. But, as the day progresses, most of us experience tiredness and become lethargic. Sometimes it seems we are left with very little or no energy to take on any other tasks. Many people, it seems, don’t know how to be energetic.

We all have a busy life and most of us are rushing against the clock to complete our daily tasks, both personally and professionally. As a result we neglect the requirements of our body which results in a sharp dip in the energy levels within a few hours of the start of day.

We can learn how to be energetic and feel more fresh (with just small changes to our lifestyle) when we start listening to our body and its needs.

  • Avoid hitting the snooze in the morning – Setting the morning alarm again and again on snooze makes it harder for you to get up and the first thing you feel at the start of the day is laziness. Better to get up when your alarm rings the first time.
  • Start your day with some exercise – Yes. We agree that it is tough to take time for yourself in the morning but, just 15 – 20 minutes of exercise can not only charge you up but also, you burn more fat when you exercise in the morning as compared to the rest of the day.
  • Do not skip breakfast – Skipping breakfast is common for people rushing to work, but it leaves your body deprived of the nutrients you need to function and it also affects the digestive system. So take a few minutes for yourself and have a healthy breakfast. The earlier you start your metabolism, the better.
  • Keep yourself hydrated – Start your day by drinking water. It helps flush out the toxins and activates the digestive system. Also make sure you drink 6 to 8 glasses of water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Healthy snacking between meals – Our body needs fuel to function. Feel free to snack between meals, but make it something healthy. Opt for fruit or some nuts instead of an oily snack to feel more active.
  • Green tea – Most of us have an urge to drink tea or coffee in the afternoon and evening. Try to replace that tea or coffee with green tea. It boosts metabolism, releases energy and helps burn fat.
  • Take small breaks – Working nonstop for hours leaves one exhausted. Take small breaks between work, stretch, walk a little, close your eyes and breathe. Do whatever makes you feel energetic so that you can focus on your work with more energy and enthusiasm.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol late in the evening – Researchers across the globe have proved that alcohol, tea or coffee late in the evening can disturb natural sleep patterns making you feel less energetic and lethargic the next morning.
  • Keep electronic devices at a distance – Electronic devices keep your brain active and affect your sleep. It’s better to put them away before you go to bed. Read a book or take a walk when you want to retire for the day.
  • Get ample sleep – Our body is tired because daylong wear-and-tear needs repair. It needs seven to eight hours of sound sleep to feel energized and recharged again. So make sure to sleep soundly for a wonderful day ahead.

Case Study

Amy is an elementary school teacher. She likes going to work and manages her professional and personal life well. But recently, she admitted that she gets up in the morning with lots of energy but, a couple of hours after reaching work, she starts feeling tired.

Like many of us, she had no idea about how to be energetic. She only knew the habits she kept everyday. On analyzing her routine, she realized that she was having an early breakfast and was not eating anything till lunchtime. She was not drinking enough water either. She figured out the problem and feels much better after improving her water intake and opting to have a healthy snack between meals.

Final thoughts on how to be energetic

Most of us know that we need to follow the above-mentioned rules if we want to stay fresh and energetic but we get busy and often ignore the demands of our body. Remember, if we take care of our body, we will feel more energetic and be able to perform our tasks in a much better way with better focus and productivity.

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. ~ John F. Kennedy (Tweet this)

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