8 Ways To Go On A Healthy Diet Regime

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Ask anyone about their primary responsibilities and you will get replies like: earning a living, taking care of family, raising children to become independent and good human beings, etc. They can also tell you how much effort they are putting in to fulfill all of the above. But, strangely (and sadly) almost no one talks about a healthy diet, and yet, caring for your body is one of the major responsibilities we need to fulfill.

Roger joined a new company as a product manager. His new workplace has a culture of eating out often. He’s a foodie and cannot resist trying out restaurants. As a result, he gained 20 pounds in 2 months and is now considered obese. He feels lethargic and gets tired easily. His wife has suggested that he should follow a healthy diet and workout to get back in shape.

With a busy schedule and so many unhealthy eating options, anyone can easily put on weight. Lack of physical activity also doesn’t help. But, when it comes to losing this excess weight, many people try to follow a crash diet. This unhealthy way of dieting makes the body lose essential nutrients and people often gain the weight back when they stop dieting.

So, if you are planning to follow a diet to lose weight (or even just maintain things the way they are), choose the healthy way so that your body doesn’t suffer. Follow the below simple tips to opt for a healthy diet regime.

Steps for a healthy diet

  1. Have a healthy breakfast – People who want to lose weight think that skipping breakfast will make it easier. For one, it doesn’t. For another, skipping breakfast usually means eating more later in the day. Finally, when you don’t skip breakfast, you actually start metabolizing earlier.
  2. Hydrate yourself – For a healthy diet (and a healthier you), keep drinking water regularly. Not only does it make you feel full, it’s incredibly healthy and needed for literally every bodily function we have.
  3. The green tea effect – Some recent researches have shown that green tea helps in burning fat and increasing metabolism. Try to switch from your regular tea and coffee to green tea to experience the benefits.
  4. Give yourself a break – Following a strict diet and not indulging in your favourite food can become boring and you may feel demotivated to continue. Give yourself a break on weekends and eat what you like but, watch your portions, eat in small quantity.
  5. Add proteins – Protein encourages fat-burning. Protein also builds muscle, which further encourages fat-burning. Try to add more protein to your diet like eggs, cheese, lean grass-fed meat, yogurt, etc.
  6. Eat small meals at regular intervals – Studies show that people who eat at regular intervals instead of three major meals are better able to control their calorie intake. This practice also makes you feel less hungry and you tend to indulge in less over-eating. Try to include a fruit in between your meals or other healthy snacking options to avoid over eating during major meals.
  7. Have an early dinner – Eating earlier in the evening (at a minimum 2 hours before sleep) helps to keep your weight in check. Why? Eating before bed puts a bulk of food into your body just before the moment when your metabolism is the slowest: sleep. Also avoid late night munching to keep those extra calories away.
  8. Avoid unhealthy munching – To avoid unhealthy munching, clean your kitchen and fridge of all the processed and junk food and replace them with low calorie, healthy snacks so that whenever you have a craving to munch, you have healthier options to choose from. Avoid munching while watching television or gossiping with friends, eat more fruits and vegetables and limit your sugar and salt intake to expedite the weight reduction process.

Final Thoughts

It is very important to keep your weight in check. But, it is equally important to do it in a healthy way so that your body doesn’t suffer. Exercising is very important along with a healthy diet to help you reach your goals.

Most of us know these points but we tend to ignore them when it comes to putting our knowledge into practice. But at the very least, the next time you want to lose weight, make sure you choose the healthy diet instead of the alternatives (there’s a reason they call them “crash diets”). Your physical health and the shape of your body are your responsibility.

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. ~ Jim Rohn (Tweet this)

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