How To Increase Testosterone Naturally With These 9 Foods

how to increase testosterone

Testosterone is a sex hormone that is commonly associated with males; however, it is essential to both men and women. This hormone serves more functions than mere sex drive. It is also responsible for healthy bones, building muscle tissue, red blood cell production and even hair growth.

It’s common for individuals to have a decline in testosterone as they age; however, there are many things that can prevent this from happening. In fact, we can indeed have healthy hormone levels most of our lives.

How to increase testosterone with 9 easy-to-find foods

The medical name for low testosterone is known as hypogonadism. Modern medicine understands that low testosterone levels can be associated with many health problems, so it is commonly treated. However, most physicians treat this imbalance with synthetic hormones. Before you commit to that, try implementing these 9 testosterone-boosting foods and learn how to increase testosterone with an all-natural alternative.

1. Olives & Olive oil

Both olives and olive oil are rich in the healthy fats we need to produce testosterone. At basic, healthy fats and cholesterol are essential precursors to the production of testosterone along with every other hormone in the body. Olives contain healthy monounsaturated fats that can help the body produce testosterone naturally.

2. Coconuts & Coconut oil

This is perhaps one of the best plant foods and oils for improving anabolic testosterone levels. Studies show that when male rats consumed coconut oil that levels of key enzymes for testosterone production were significantly higher compared to rats that consumed oils like soybean or grape seed oil. 1 This is likely due to the rich saturated fat content.

3. Raw grass-fed butter

Not only a good source of healthy fats, raw grass-fed butter also contains high levels of vitamin D. Vitamin D is not just a nutrient, it works much like a hormone in the body doing everything from helping the body absorb calcium to building the immune system.

Vitamin D is also essential for a long healthy life and optimal testosterone production. One study found that low testosterone was common with those with a vitamin D deficiency. 2 Raw grass-fed butter is one of the best food sources of vitamin D, healthy saturated fats as well as omega-3s.

4. Raw nuts

All it takes is a handful of raw (preferably sprouted) nuts to improve testosterone levels. Nuts contain plenty of healthy fats that provide the cholesterol for testosterone production. Selenium is a mineral that is essential for testosterone production and Brazil nuts are the best source. Consuming just two Brazil nuts a day is all you need to improve your testosterone levels. Soak them in water overnight then eat them in the morning with breakfast.

5. Pastured eggs

When consuming eggs it’s important to get quality, pasture-raised eggs. These will contain the proper levels of nutrition as the hens are fed a proper diet of bugs, grasses and other plants. And despite popular thought, it is the yolk that is most beneficial, especially for building testosterone.

Egg yolks are another rich source of vitamin D and it contains more nutrients than egg whites. Furthermore, the cholesterol of egg yolks may even help with low T issues.  You can safely eat one egg per day as long as you don’t have any preexisting cholesterol problems.

6. Avocados

Like olives, avocados are a great source of monounsaturated fats. Like saturated fat, monounsaturated fat is also a powerful testosterone booster. One study in Morocco found that men who were given monounsaturated fats had a rise in T levels by 20% after only 3 weeks. 3 Consuming avocados is one simple way to improve testosterone levels naturally (plus they are delicious).

They also happen to come with many other benefits particularly improving the body’s ability to absorb fat-soluble nutrients, which means healthier hormones altogether because fat-soluble vitamins A, D and K2 are also essential to hormone production. So in other words, they help testosterone production in two ways:

  • the monounsaturated fats directly release more testosterone and then
  • they indirectly increase testosterone levels by increasing uptake of fat-soluble vitamins that act as testosterone enhancers.

7. Oysters

Zinc is a critical mineral for immune system health, fertility and overall development. A lack of zinc in the diet as a child can mean problems with puberty. However, this mineral still affects hormone levels into adulthood, a deficiency in it can mean weak immunity and low testosterone output.  Oysters are the highest food source of zinc on the planet next to the herb He Shou Wu. Consume oysters whenever possible to avoid zinc deficiency and improve testosterone levels naturally.

8. Grass-fed Beef

There is controversy around the consumption of meat; however, to break it down simply all of the bad rap that comes from meat are derived from studies that include industrial factory farmed and processed meats. The conclusion is that organic, pastured and wild animal products are without doubt a healthy food and have been so for millennia.

When choosing meat cuts, always go to a local source for pasture-raised animals. Grass-fed beef is incredibly high in nutrients essential for testosterone production. Even better, beef liver contains even higher concentrations of zinc, vitamin D, and other vitamins and minerals necessary for test production. You only need a small amount of liver each week to get the benefits, making it very economical.

9. Unheated Nut Oils

Typically, nut oils can go rancid very quickly so it’s best to always consume very fresh nut oils that have not been refined or heated. Always choose cold-pressed nut oils and you will have a natural testosterone-boosting food. Among the many nut oils that help with how to increase testosterone is macadamia nut oil. Macadamia nut oil actually has higher amounts of monounsaturated fat than olive oil. Also, in my opinion, macadamia nut oil is one of the most delicious oils available.

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