What is Success – The Definition is Inside You

What is Success

What is Success? This is a question every individual has. Success is a relative term and largely a product of sustained hard work and goal-oriented approach. Success need not be elusive; and, measures of success vary from person to person.

Very often one comes across a person who is satisfied from within and is happy with whatever life has offered; to others success is defined by reaching a position of power at work and having many symbols of having arrived: large home, large car; farm house; expensive watches and clothes.

It is positive to aspire for higher things but one needs to be realistic in one’s desires. What one needs to be successful is to have clarity of mind: what are my goals; how will I work towards the goals? Another essential aspect is to have conviction in your strengths and abilities.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts ~ Winston Churchill (Tweet this)

Making a wish is integral to society both in the west and east. People wish for health, wealth, passing exams, promotions, good wives, good husbands and more. Churches, temples and other places of worship are filled with devotees all hoping for wishes to be granted.

There are myths and legends galore of miracles that have happened. Prayer books are filled with directions—if you chant this stanza you will succeed. As a person of science I often wonder about this aspect of human life. Can one really wish for things or does one have to work for it?

Faith Strengthens Resolve

In all probability what faith does is strengthen resolve and instill inner strength and confidence. Prayers work on the psyche and the person manages to conquer fear and nervousness. Research indicates that praying enhances positivity and collective prayers are known to be very effective.

Prayers help instill focus, discipline, calm, clear the confusion in the mind, and more. Many believe that wishes do come true and that’s why people walk miles to temples, padyatra; visit churches for mass on Wednesday, and make pilgrimages as thanksgiving. There are many examples of wishes coming true.

I know a friend who failed in his business several times, yet he never gave up on his goals, he had the conviction that his idea would click and it actually did and today he is on top of the world.

What is success and how do we know when we are successful? To answer this, you have to first be convinced of your capabilities and set a goal. Always match goals to your abilities and strengths—don’t aspire for what you are not. And be honest with yourself and others. The adage nothing in life is free is true and applicable here, so work towards your dreams and if you like use prayers to strengthen your mind and resolve.

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What is Success; Final Thoughts

The saying “if wishes were horses, beggars would ride,” summarizes what I personally feel. There are many who will refute my thoughts and I accept that I may be wrong but somehow as a believer in karma I am convinced one needs to work towards goals of life.

A goal is a dream with a deadline ~ Napoleon Hill (Tweet this)

Success can be small or big and depending on your competitive nature you may see a success in a small win or maybe that is just a small step to what you consider real success.

Success is neither a destination nor a journey; it is both. The definition of success varies from person to person based on what one values in life, and what he wants out of it.  This process is neither easy nor quick, and it may very well change as you move through the life cycle.


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