Effects of Negative People

Negative People

If a relationship or an association with negative people gives you discomfort, then move away from it. If moving away from it is not possible, then at least reduce the interaction to the minimum possible. By hanging on to negative thoughts and emotions you are only harming yourself and attracting even more negative energy.

The world is made up of all kinds of people, and unfortunately there are some who sustain themselves in making others feel miserable about their own lives. They relish the pain and confusion caused, while apparently trying to be friendly.

Signs of a Negative Person

If you have any of the following reactions after interacting with a person, you can assume that he or she is not truly meant for you—neither as a friend nor as a partner.

  • Feelings of not being loved enough: this may happen when a person goes on and on of how great his or her relationship with their partner is, almost to the point of making the listener feel unhappy. (More often than not, constantly needing to talk about how loving the relationship is a camouflage for a relationship which in reality is perhaps not so good).
  • Feelings of inadequacy: happens when the person keeps extolling about how good he or she is constantly, with no reference ever to any of your qualities.
  • Feelings of envy: this happens, when covert comparisons or references may be made of how well another person is doing, or even worse, in comparison to you—how well he or she gets treated by some other close associates.
  • Feeling emotionally drained: You may end up feeling drained, if you are constantly asked to play the emotional nursemaid, because the person believes that his or her life is in the pits and whines endlessly.
  • Egging you on to say unsavory things: When the person you are interacting with keeps pointing out the bad traits in others, gives every gesture a negative meaning (for example a simple compliment paid, will be seen as trying to butter up). Such people tend to bring out the nastiness and meanness.

It happens to the best of people, even those who think that they will just listen and not utter a word. We are humans and tend to get carried away, especially more so if the person happens to be in a close group of friends. Also the rule of thumb is, if a person talks badly about others, it is a matter of time before you will also be talked about.

Avoid such people like the plague.  Being negative only harbors negativity. The cynicism, the nastiness, the whiny nature all tend to stick and you will also become—if not completely at least partially—like the negative person.

Conclusion – Negative People

Negative people are like termites, and termites do not build things, they destroy them.

So be around people who bring a smile to your face, fill your heart with joy, push you to excel and be a better human being and last but not the least, when they talk about their happiness or achievements, they do so in a way that do not make you feel de-valued.

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