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The Law of Attraction used to be my best friend. It wasn’t until recently though (when I met a new friend of hers), that my feelings about it all changed. These days, I’m spending more time with Abundance Mindset than with Law of Attraction but that’s ok. They both get the job done. Why did I make the switch?

The same reason I prefer EXACT goals to SMART goals. It’s just a better way of thinking. Not only that, but Abundance Mindset is positively-framed. Law of Attraction can be negative, and in fact for most of us, almost always is.

Law of Attraction vs. Abundance Mindset

Think about it. If you’re having a bad day (or even bad feelings) Law of Attraction gives you more of that. Misery loves company.

On the other hand, Abundance Mindset, if you’re having a bad day, says to cheer up. It says to think about all that you have. It says to think about how much is coming to you.

Abundance Mindset says to think about how great you actually are. You’re everything. You’re everyone. You’re all-powerful. Abundance Mindset is like a super cheerleader.

In that respect, Abundance Mindset is also prescriptive. It tells you what to do in an active voice. Law of Attraction is a passive voice and simply says “hey, what you put out, comes back.”

Yes, we can extrapolate—we can tease out—advice from that. We can say, “oh. What I put out comes back? Then I better put out only good.” But the problem with that is it’s often too little, too late. The effects of your “down days” will have already tossed karma out there. And if your life is anything like my life, then karma has a Formula One Race car and it comes back faster and harder than when it left.

On the other hand, if we’d been taught Abundance Mindset from the beginning we’d more likely be in a richer place. Not because the Law of Attraction isn’t true. But because it IS absolutely true.

You see, if the Law of Attraction was false, then having an Abundance Mindset wouldn’t matter. But because the Law of Attraction actually DOES work, then the best thing we can put forward is the right mental and emotional state. Doing so serves our highest good.

An Abundance Mindset is one of wealth, not riches. It is one of health, not cures.

It is the proactive feeling, doing, and being… as an all-powerful Creator (or Creatrix) in this world because you know you’re not actually IN this world. This world… is in you.

Abundance can mean all and when applied to your own consciousness, that’s exactly what it signifies. It also means that I (as a person) want the best for you because I want the best for me. It lets me see beyond the barriers that separate us and around corners. It lets me see in the dark and be not afraid.

Final thoughts

Having an Abundance Mindset means knowing that everything I want all comes to me, because it all comes from me.

And then also by extension it means that I don’t need to blame others. I simply realize if something happened that I feel is a bad thing, then I wasn’t in my Abundance Mindset when I created it, and I’m sure not in one now when I labeled it as bad.

The “bad” things in my life have been just as good as the good things—I just don’t always see it. On those days I need both the Law of Attraction and an Abundance Mindset.

Thankfully I always have both of them, all the time.

Sage Michael

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