Are you Ready to Forgive?

Because it involves the tenderness of your heart, forgiveness cannot be rushed. Everyone comes to forgive in their own timing, when they’re ready—and not a moment before. For example, it took eight years for me to begin my healing process after my mother’s suicide. I now realize that I just was not ready any earlier than that.

I did not know about the benefits of forgiveness back then, when I was a young adult. I was miserable but also coping with life—being a mother of a young daughter and a working woman and a wife. My heart hurt, and I felt deep pain and confusion.

Slowly, I began to open up, using helpful tools such as meditation and self-inquiry. Another eight years went by before I learned about forgiveness as a healing path. After sixteen years, I was finally aware and open enough to forgive. It doesn’t have to take you sixteen years to begin your process, though. You will begin the moment you are ready.

Let us not listen to those who think we ought to be angry with our enemies, and who believe this to be great and manly. Nothing is so praiseworthy, nothing so clearly shows a great and noble soul, as clemency and readiness to forgive. ~  Marcus Tullius Cicero (Tweet this)

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  1. Forgiveness – Your Path to Inner Freedom
  2. 13 Health Benefits of Forgiveness
  3. How to Forgive Someone Even When It Feels Practically Impossible
  4. Are You Waiting for an Apology Before You Forgive?
  5. 4 Common Blocks to Forgiving Someone
  6. Are you Ready to Forgive? (This Post)

To Forgive . . . Don’t Push Yourself, Open Yourself

No one should push you to forgive, and there’s no need to push yourself. When you’re ready, you’ll realize you want to do this for your sanity and health. Fortunately, all of the support and divine compassion you need is always right here . . . right now. So check to see if perhaps you do sincerely desire the freedom and peace that forgiveness brings.

Your grievances may go very deep, and you may think that they are so important that they’re worth hanging on to. You may feel very angry, hurt or betrayed over something that happened—yesterday or many decades ago. You may be so used to feeling this way that you have crafted your entire worldview around it.

Privately, you may think that life is too hard, or no one really loves you, or no one is here to help when you need it. These thoughts stem from anguish and fear that may have occurred a long time ago, imprinting your mind, perhaps since childhood.

Forgiveness offers you a way out. Finally, you can stop suffering. You will still have some challenges, but you won’t recycle those old thoughts again and again. Your mind will be open to inner guidance instead of familiar laments and despair. You’ll receive new inspiration, full of love, compassion and excitement about life.

In my book, Forgive and Be Free, I wrote, “Forgiveness is a workout for the soul that makes you stronger and more loving and compassionate at the same time.” That inner workout functions in exactly the same way a physical workout does. With practice, your muscles grow stronger and more available for challenge. The more you dive into the river of love for healing, the more you’ll be ready, willing and eager to swim in its waters even more.

The Lasting Benefits of Forgiveness

As you embrace your healing and increase your willingness to let go even deeper, you’ll notice changes occurring in your life. Dramatic fights or bouts of complaining will begin to disappear. You’ll no longer reach for something outside yourself (such as your lover, a gelatto, a work project, a shopping spree, a drink, etc.) to fill your body with pleasure.

You won’t think that someone else’s approval means you have achieved a personal victory, and if someone disapproves of you, you’ll no longer be devastated.

For instance, I’m much happier than ever, thanks to my forgiveness practice. This profound willingness to let go and let God has become my most-beloved spiritual path. This isn’t traditional forgiveness, but a mystical journey into the heart of compassion. Some days, I’m filled with humbleness as I witness how many illusions I’ve carried. Other days, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the teachings that, quite literally, saved my sanity.

We come home to union with Spirit not by fixing ourselves, but by unlayering our heavy veils of grievances. With the healing that releasing our suffering brings, we touch eternity. All the doors of possibility open and beckon us to a whole new life filled with love and service. The grace we receive is a lasting gift, constantly given by our Creator.

Once you complete the process, the doorways of your inner meridians will open. You’ll tap into an experience of true peace, and you’ll begin to live inside miracles themselves. Life just doesn’t get any better than that ~ Ana Holub, Forgive and Be Free

Why wait?

Enjoy the benefits of forgiveness. If  you feel your heart opening to the path of forgiveness, go with it. Dive in. You’ll know if you’re ready to forgive, and if you are, your soul will rejoice. You’ll feel a pull towards situations and people that will bring up your sadness and fear, so embrace the synchronicities that appear in your life.

Go deep within yourself to radically offer your pain to God. Then, make sure to drink from the well of bliss that is offered in return. All you’ve got to lose is suffering, and a lifetime of joy to gain. I will walk with you as you boldly step onto your clear path to peace.

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Ana Holub, MA is a forgiveness counselor and peace educator based in Mount Shasta, CA. Her latest book is called Forgive and Be Free: A Step-by-Step Guide to Release, Healing and Higher Consciousness. For more information visit

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