Tips to Improve your Quality of Life

Quality of life

Life is . . . a journey, a series of achievements, or an emotional roller coaster? Everyone has their own interpretation about the meaning of life. It can be considered as one big project that everyone who is born undertakes and completes according to his level of skill, attitude and knowledge.

A project that has a definite beginning and end and one that allows the people engaged in it a high degree of freedom to choose its goals as well as the means to achieve those goals.

When we look at our life as a project, we realize that we have an active role to play in shaping it the way we want to. With that perspective, we can’t sit back and wait for things to happen on their own.

 1. Two Aspects of Quality of Life

There are two clear aspects of life that we would all agree with: Inner life and Outer life. Both have an important bearing on one’s overall quality of life. Our Inner life consists of our thoughts, values, beliefs and attitudes towards various things.

It also includes our self-talk or our inner dialogue. When someone talks about quality of life, however, we inevitably think about some aspect of our outer life like entertainment, vacations, vehicles, etc.

If you want to improve your Quality of life in the real sense of the word, focus on your thought patterns, mental habits, negative values, damaging beliefs and attitudes and replace them with better substitutes.

If you find yourself being critical of others much too often, make a firm decision to replace this quality with Acceptance and Respect instead.

If you notice a pattern of negative thoughts running through your mind every now and then, improve your quality of life by sorting those thoughts out and replacing them with positive ones. These subtle ‘actions’ will go a long way in improving your Quality of life since life is more about our inner experience of thoughts and emotions than anything external.

2. An Acerbic Tongue

Manisha had everything any woman could wish for: a devoted millionaire husband, two beautiful and healthy children and good health. But she was not happy.

She was too busy focusing on what she did not have and could convince anyone who bothered to listen about how truly sad her life was.

She was also quite critical of others and seemed to pull people down with almost every sentence she spoke. This bad habit had an adverse impact on her relationships with her husband as well as her children.

One of her close friends noticed this and advised her to stop this damaging habit if she wanted to have a better relationship with her children and husband. Though her ego got hurt, she still accepted her friend’s feedback. She decided to be more cautious with her speech in the future.

She made a conscious effort to talk sweetly with everyone and appreciate them for their good qualities.

Though the change required a lot of effort and courage initially, Manisha realized how important it was for her to change the bad habit in order to have more positive relationships with her family members and friends. As time passed, she noticed how good she felt inside since she wasn’t critical and hurtful towards others anymore but had become more considerate and sensitive instead.

This change, had a significantly uplifting impact on her quality of life.


If your thoughts, values, beliefs and attitudes are positive, your quality of life cannot be anything but positive. So, the next time you decide to take care of yourself and improve your quality of life, catch hold of any negative thought pattern, a bad habit or value system and replace that with a positive one to experience positive emotions. Few things can, after all, have a more direct bearing on your quality of life than your own emotional world.

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