The Habits for Happiness

Habits for Happiness

John Dryden once said, “We first make our habits, and later habits make us.” Isn’t that true? If you follow a particular habit, it will convert into a lifestyle. Just like staying up late at night working or partying will become a habit and no matter what you do, it is now your lifestyle. Happiness and habits will help your incredibly flexible brain to work for you in every aspect of your life.

Know your Habits

Create habits for happiness. We are what we make of ourselves. We all have different kinds of habits, they are good or bad. Habits make us successful or even make us face failure. Lots of appreciation of our success should be given to the habits that we have inculcated.

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions ~ Dalai Lama (Tweet this)

Good habits will definitely give us a positive attitude towards all aspects of life. A positive attitude does go a long way in reaching your goal. So since everyone already knows that good habits and positive attitude will make us happy, then where is the problem? We can be happy if we make small changes in life and set our mood right and make positive changes that are beneficial in the long run.

Checking our problems with habits

Check out your habits to see where you go wrong. It can be anything: your temper, your stress, the way you think or treat others, your food, sleep pattern, work etc. Most of us are truly packed for the whole day and simply do not have the time to relax and just spend the time to chill without thinking anything or doing anything at all.

Of course we live in a modern world where there is no time to relax. This takes its toll on the mind and then on the body. This results in bad habits, a bad attitude and negative thinking. We should blame our habits when things go wrong.

Habits for Happiness

1. Sleep routine

Getting up early and going out for a walk will definitely cheer you up for the day. Even if you had a bad night with no sleep: get up and go out. The morning sunlight has something that will fill you up with positive energy. Invest in a good night by sleeping early.

2. Exercise

This is a very obvious habit that will pump you up with some positive energy. Just move your muscles as much as you can and see how rejuvenated you feel.

3. Control you Negative Attitude

We think about things in either a positive or negative manner. The world is full of negativity and we feel it in our blood when we face the traffic, the crowd, work deadlines, etc. It is easy if you think about something else when you are faced with such situations. Simply divert your mind to other things that will make you happy; things like your kids, pets, hobbies, friends, etc.

4. Love and forgive

This mantra has amazing effects on one’s attitude. You know loving is giving. If you love someone you will do things for that person unconditionally and that will make you happy. The same goes with forgiveness. Forgive those who have hurt you and move on. You know it takes a few seconds to get back the same equation as before with the person. Experience how light at heart you feel (and happy too).

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5. Have time for yourself

Do not rush into everything. Give some time to yourself. Go shopping or join your friends at the club. Talking about something different and meeting people will definitely cheer you up.

These tips can go on and on. However, it is you who is important and you can choose which one will best suit your temperament. All that matters at the end of day is your happiness. Happiness habits provide helpful guidance and offer freedom from unnecessary emotional pain and provide protection from stress. So, make happiness your habit for a carefree, fulfilled and positive day.

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