The Beauty of Silence

the beauty of silence

We all know that blooming flowers, twinkling stars and the rising sun indicate beauty, but have you noticed that this beauty also has a hidden trait? It’s the beauty of silence.

Silence is eternal, peaceful and makes our life—as well as the lives of others—beautiful. If used intelligently, it is a beautiful way to express emotions.

Ways that silence can convey meaning

  • A tight hug conveys love;
  • a soft smile reflects happiness;
  • a board outside a meeting room indicates no disturbance;
  • A movie hero staring down a villain indicates anger and power;
  • a girl glaring at her boyfriend means shut-up.

Every day we depict a mountain of feelings without uttering a single word. That’s also the beauty of silence.

Silence is a powerful way of communication

Silence in itself has extreme strength yet we ignore its importance. Many times we say, “He or she conveyed so much without saying a word.” Silence acts in many ways in our interpersonal relationships as well.

It expresses different emotions in different situations. Silence speaks through our eyes. In happiness the shining eyes, in sorrow the silent tears, and in love the shyness of our eyes convey the deepest meaning.

My cousin’s son was seriously ill and doctors had lost all hope. We all were in a state of shock and I could not understand how to express my feelings. I just took hold of her hand, looked into her eyes and hugged her tightly as if I was assuring her not to worry God will set the things right. This is the silent communication which touches your heart and conveys a thousand emotions.

Silence relieves physical pain

Silence relieves pain. The best example is the sign in a hospital stating “Please Maintain Silence.” Ever wonder why? While suffering from unbearable pain silence can work wonders. It is scientifically proven that tension releases stress hormones that makes healing difficult.

The more we speak negatively, the more the body starts releasing stress hormones, resulting in pain. That is why, when we stay quiet and maintain silence, our mind stops the unwanted vibrations associated with pain and finally eliminates it completely from the system.

Silence is a stress buster

After a hard day’s work we often seek a peaceful atmosphere to rest and spend some time alone. This switch-off mode of thoughts helps to calm us down and get relief from a whole day’s stress, anxiety and fatigue.

A few moments spent in silence energizes the mind to smile for the next moment.

The beauty of silence and God

It is meditation which connects us to God. It is a two-way bridge. In meditation first we speak to God and when peace prevails, God speaks to us, that is the point. We are connected to the supreme power. The beauty of silence gives us a new perspective, because it is a source of great strength.

God is a friend of silence. We need silence to connect, to speak , to listen to, and to ponder God’s words deep in our hearts. We need to be alone with God in silence to be renewed and to be transformed, for silence can give us a new outlook in life. In it we are filled with grace, and then God, which makes us do all things with joy ~ Mother Teresa

Silence never hurts others

If someone gets angry due to a difference of opinion, don’t react. Stay calm and silent, become a good listener to understand their point of view. Confrontation with an angry person only sparks the fire resulting in spoiled relations.

Words spoken in anger always leave scars. (Tweet this)

Silence in that situation saves the loss of losing or hurting a dear one. The beauty of silence also makes idiots seem wise for  a minute.

Conclusion: The Beauty of Silence

Silence brings peace. It allows settling down in the present. Simply keeping silent helps us to hear our own heart beat, to enjoy nature and to experience God. This experience is rare but miraculous. Learn to get in touch with the silence and enjoy the beauty between birth and death.

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