Stress Management Tips

Stress is as common today as breathing. Young and old are stressed—children are stressed due to their fast-paced life and expectations from parents. Adults are stressed as they are unable to get off the merry-go-round of chasing wants—bigger homes, cars, paychecks and more.

Experts say stress in small amounts is beneficial as it drives the juices and helps many individuals perform better. The downside of stress is high blood pressure, diabetes, ulcers, angry tones and unhappiness. Read our stress management tips so you can keep the good parts of stress, but erase the bad.

Use these Stress Management Tips

1. Small Joys In the rush of daily existence people are forgetting small joys: laughing at a joke, smelling overturned soil/flowers, appreciating their small blessings, just sitting on a beach and staring out at far horizons. Learn how to beat life at its own game and come out a winner.

2. Don’t take matters to Heart It’s important to learn that tomorrow things will be different. It’s really okay to slip/err sometimes. Whatever the problem or challenge there exists a solution—if you let the problem become a monster and rob your peace of mind you are a “goner.” Learn ways to avoid stress—take up yoga, deep breathing; join groups that discuss common problems.

A colleague was unable to work efficiently as she was terrified of the “boss” who constantly put her down (erasing steadily her self-esteem). She became a nervous wreak and was close to suicide. After being treated at a hospital she joined a group therapy class and today she is her old, happy self. She even gathered up courage to stand up to the boss—who has now stopped picking on her.

3. Keep a handle on Things Develop optimism and have confidence in yourself. Learn to accept the ups and downs of life. Be brave and honest—let a person at work or home know “Things have gone wrong, I need help to work things out.” By taking a challenge head on you will be able to keep stress levels down and come out a winner.

4. Learn to Share Psychiatrists believe that a strong and dependable support group in the form of family/friends is a great stress deterrent. Share your daily experiences with loved ones and you will feel the stress ebb away. Chat with friends online, have a pal to walk/workout with, be social and never isolate yourself. No mountain is too high and it’s possible to live a life without stress.

5.  Avoid quick fixes Many people resort to quick fixes like pills, smoking, drinking, or eating binges to deal with stress. These are not long-term solutions. There are many practical ways—identify what triggers your stress, understand yourself, maintain a diary/journal for you to put things in perspective. Avoid stressful situations—if reading about killing and war makes you anxious stop watching news on TV. Do pleasant things like gardening, music and more. Avoid people who can put your emotions in knots. Learn how to end relationships that upset you.


Hopefully these stress management tips will help. Make an attempt to be assertive and manage your thoughts/feelings better. It is possible to change your life for the better.

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