How to Live a Stress Free Life ?

Stress Free Life

There comes a point in everyone’s life, when they think that life is just too much . . . I simply can’t take it anymore. What exactly it is that is making you feel worse? Or what is that has made you miserable?

A stress free life is a choice. We can choose our thoughts and perspective, which is what determines the quality of the life we live.

What I think is that most of the misery is created by us and circumstances feed it too. This is inevitable and I do not blame you for getting into this situation. Yeah . . . everybody finds it too hard to handle and wants to quit.

They try to find solutions, but in vain. Maybe they do not have the will power to get things straight—which is the main reason why they want to give up.

Stress Free Life – Nobody Has it Easy

Yes, this is a fact, you check on everyone you know and you will find all of them are stressed out to some degree. Although the intensity of those issues might be more or less, but, yes, it is there. Many people think that they are the only ones who are in such grave situations.

No, it is not so. I will not go into details that will describe the woes of every other person that I know at least. But, believe me: they all are going through some sort of stress or the other.

The only difference in the stress free life is how you take it.

Some confine themselves to a corner and  sulk. Others take it on their chin and laugh it away and work on it till the sun shines bright on them.

Where do you find yourself: the sulking one or the complaining one or someone who takes all the challenges in their own stride?

Stress is the trash of modern life. We all generate it but if you don’t dispose of it properly, it will pile up and overtake your life. ~ Terri Guillemets (Tweet this)

Nothing is wrong in any category. If you feel good by brooding, then so be it. But, then facing those challenges day-in and day-out is kind of draining you. Thinking over and over again on something unpleasant leaves you with exponentially increasing negative thoughts and energy.

Most people suffer from stress at some time in their lives.   But how to live a stress free life is a million dollar question? Do not let stress overpower you.

Learn to check it in time and keep yourself composed to avoid undue stress. If you know the reasons that leave you stressed in certain situations, you can easily develop the knack to keep yourself out of it and have a stress free life.

Ways to reduce theseverity of pressures

This is not easy. There are thousands of issues to handle every day. It is not math that there will be a formula to solve the problem. You have to look at life as a challenge.

These challenges can be very difficult to solve and some may never get resolved. All that matters here is you, your feelings towards the challenges and how close you are to the point of exhaustion.

The point is not running from the fear of challenges, it is the way you walk towards challenges. Something went wrong and things are not right. So work in the way that will make it right.

Yes, you might not have a job, or you have to pay debts, or you have a sick kid to look after, maybe you do not have a boyfriend even though you are 33! Yes, all these issues cannot be solved in a day. They need more time. It depends on how you look at it.

The strength that is within you should not be drained. I know when you have come so far, you can go ahead. It is just that you need rest. It is necessary that you pamper yourself.


Find ways that will make you feel happy. I don’t say that a stress free life means the whole day should be passed away laughing. A few moments of joy will certainly do the trick. Basically, contemplate on things that will work in your favor. There are issues that are going to be with you for life.

A fundamental fact about stress is that, it is not the result of an event, but our reaction to that event. So take them in your stride and do not run away from it and you will find life much easier.

How to live a stress free life? Learn to be grateful for what you have, for the people in your life, and see it as a gift. With this sort of outlook on life, stress will go down and happiness will go up. So, declutter your mind and count your blessings for a stress free life!

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