The True Causes Of 5 Common Skin Problems

skin problems

A man is as old as he’s feeling, a woman as old as she looks. ~ Mortimer Collins (Tweet this)

Health and beauty are one. The sooner this is realized by all of us, the sooner our lives will start radically improving. In a world saturated with skin problems, fad dieting, cosmetic surgeries and fashion trends, there’s an obvious concern to look a certain way.

But are we going about it all the wrong way? The short answer is yes.

The truth is none of these things are going to ultimately change the way we feel. Deep down we all understand this; however, we also don’t have a more helpful solution for skin problems. That is, until now.

Did you know that you are able tell what’s going on inside of you by looking at your body? Skin problems may be a bigger indicator than you think.

Skin problems and TCM

Traditional Chinese Medicine has actually known for thousands of years that the entire body is connected. They found that healing the organs healed multiple imbalances at once. Additionally, that issues like skin problems were only a symptom of often underlying imbalances of the organs.

The Ancient healers of China can’t take credit for this wisdom. They simple looked to nature’s design for the answers and this is what they found. It’s time the rest of us catch up and really take a good look at ourselves. Literally.

There’s a saying, “who you are speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you’re saying.” This rings true for our own health and skin problems as well. It often doesn’t take elaborate testing to really see if someone is healthy or not. You can often see it in their eyes. The eyes are the windows to the soul. When someone’s spirits are low, it shows on their face. If they’re under-slept, stressed out or generally under pressure, it shows on their face. Some of it through skin problems, but some of it also from the general vibe they give off.

The next thing you notice is that the body is simply a reflection of our internal world. Taking a look at our skin problems alone reveals so much about our own health. In Traditional Chinese Medicine they map the entire body out with meridians or lines of energy. It’s very similar to our own circulatory system but a bit more in-depth. You can find Face Mapping and Meridian charts online if you search.

Using the meridian lines and common skin problems we can discover a lot about our own health. Here is what Traditional Chinese Medicine has to say about our skin problems:

  1. Acne: Inflammation, excess heat in the body. This is often due to being overworked, overly stressed and causing overactive hormonal activity. This could be due to poor diet, excessive in fat, oils and sugar.
  2. Moles, Warts, Growths: These are abnormal growths that manifest on weak parts of the body, including organs. In general, whatever is on the outside is on the inside.
  3. Dryness:This means that the associated area is toxic (congested) and/or is not getting enough circulation. Congested could also mean inadequate water flow to that area.
  4. Dark circles under eyes: When the kidneys and adrenals become weak or exhausted from too much stress it shows under our eyes. Think of a few nights of really bad sleep: eye bags anyone? Anything that damages the kidneys will also be at cause. Considering that the kidneys provide us with energy via the hormones and also circulate and clean the blood, if the kidneys get weak, we get tired.
  5. Eczema and Psoriasis: These are major signs of toxicity and congestion of the liver and kidneys. In TCM they have found that most with eczema also suffer from asthma as the liver and lungs are strongly connected. These are all elimination organs that get rid of toxins (the bad stuff). When we are overburdened with toxicity we stop eliminating it properly. Once this happens, the organs get backed up and send the toxins out of the body via the skin, the largest organ, which is also an elimination organ.

If we wish to eradicate skin problems and radiate beauty for a lifetime the answer is truly within. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just sticking to the basics; clean water, fresh air, good sleep, wholesome food and a good laugh each day is all we need to keep the body in balance and skin problems at bay. By caring for our bodies and treating them well we can assure clean bodies that radiate healthy skin.

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