25 Signs A Guy Likes You Even If It Looks Like He Doesn’t

If you have doubts about him accepting your proposal for a relationship, Wisdom Times presents to you with the ‘25 Signs A Guy Likes You‘. Men also have doubts, they look for the right moments, they have different personalities that don’t always fit our “straightforward”  expectations, and face specific challenges when it comes to initiating a date, a relationship, intimacy.

That’s not to say we want to get your hopes up when he really doesn’t like you. Because sometimes, he just doesn’t. But sometimes, he does, even if he doesn’t ask you out. So go through these signs, find out the answer and then go tell him about your feelings for him.

Here are ’25 Signs A Guy Likes You, Even If It Looks Like He Doesn’t’.

1. He’s shy around you

When he’s around you, he barely talks, he doesn’t even look at you and he’s usually sitting in a corner, quietly. Don’t be too quick to judge. If you’ve found one of those rare shy guys, the fact that he keeps his distance may be the ultimate sign that he’s smitten.

“Yes, Because when you are in love, you are shy.” ~ Beatrice Wood (Tweet this)

2. He makes a lot of (stupid) jokes around you

That’s pretty much the opposite of the shy guy. He’s outgoing. He’s used to being at the center of events. He simply cannot shut up. His way of trying to impress you is to make you laugh, to make you notice him, but sometimes these guys overdo it. If he doesn’t show a direct interest in you, but every time you’re around he’s playing the clown in the company, chances are he does like you.

3. He talks to you about other girls

This shouldn’t be happening if a guy really likes you, should it?

When I was in 7th grade, this boy that I really liked kept calling me to talk about one of my girlfriends that he really liked.

Eventually, we started spending hours every day talking. He’d walk me home after school, then he’d call four times every afternoon. One day, I shared with my mother. I told her I can’t do this anymore, I’m sick of him wanting to talk only because of her. My mom told me I’m a complete idiot.

You see, I used to be one of the nerds at school and this boy, he was a popular one. According to my mom, he just didn’t want to admit to anyone he liked me. It didn’t fit in with his image. However, he spent like 6 hours a day with me or talking to me and never even asked that girl that he supposedly liked on a date.

You might think “Yeah, but you were in 7th grade, grown-up men don’t do that.”

Some men have the emotional intelligence of children, especially at the beginning of the relationship, when they don’t want to show how they really feel.

If he talks about other girls, but he’s actually spending more time with you, that’s one among the good signs he likes you right there.

4. He doesn’t say “Hi”

This one has a simple explanation. He approaches a company of people and seems to say hi and start up a conversation with everyone but you. Why? He’s horrified that you and all other people you’re hanging out with will see right through him. If he’s desperately trying to hide he likes you, if he’s been thinking about you all day and now he sees you, he’ll ignore you sometimes.

5. He talks about work a lot

Won’t he just stop blabbing on and on about work and tell you straight if he likes you or not? He kind’a is giving you a sign. If his stories about work all make him seem smart, brave, ambitious, successful and rich… A man would only try to look at all those things for a woman he likes.

6. He “bumps” into you often

You see him here and there. He seems to show up in every place where he knows you go often. If this happens over at least a few months, yes, there may be something there.

This reminds me of a very cute quote about a couple fascinated by their love for each other,

“Cuz everytime I see you, I fall in love with you all over again.” (Tweet this)

7. He sits next to you and then ignores you

Even if he doesn’t talk to you, if he always finds a way to sit next to you or be close to you, that is definitely some good signs he likes you. People look for closeness with the people they like. Plus, if he does sit next to you practically all the time, yet pretends not to see you and doesn’t talk to you, that may be a clearer sign than any. Why sit next to someone if you really don’t want to talk to them? Maybe because you want to talk to them a bit too much and are afraid by it.

8. He doesn’t compliment you. Ever.

The opposite is quite clear. If a man always finds something to compliment you on, he probably likes you. But what if he never compliments you? Now, if you barely see each other and he never compliments you, it doesn’t mean a thing, But if you see each other often, if you go to parties together or events where you know you look awesome and he still has absolutely nothing to say, he’s probably just speechless.

All men compliment women from time to time, it’s fun to flirt this way, but the shy guys only do it with women they’re comfortable with. Perhaps you haven’t made that list yet. And how could you, if he’s crazy about you.

9. When you’re emotional, he keeps away

You might think that if a guy likes you, he must use every chance he gets to get closer to you—and what better chance than comforting you when you’re upset? You’re wrong. Probably 90 out of a hundred guys would choose to approach a woman they like when she’s calm and happy.

Not only because people generally want to communicate with women who are calm and happy, but also because he feels it’s easier to talk to you then. He’s increasing his chances of getting a date, of having fun, of showing off. When you’re emotional on the other hand—and I mean sad, or angry—he feels he has no chance just because of your mood.

10. He’s talking to one of your friends

Unless he’s spending more time with her than ever spends with you—like we discussed earlier in the article—

he may be talking to her about you. Not necessarily directly asking her about you, but maybe in a subtle way learning more about you.

Of course, there’s the chance he likes her and not you. But what we’re saying is just because he talks to her doesn’t mean you should give up on him altogether. Especially if you catch him (or her) looking at you funny while they speak.

11. He makes fun of your guy best friend

Most men are jealous, even though some would never admit it. If you have a man best friend, chances are a guy who likes you would see him as a threat and will try to bad mouth him in front of you. Obviously, he can’t do it by attacking him directly, but making fun of him when he’s not around, sometimes even when he is around? Yes, doing this is definitely among the great signs he likes you, especially if he’s not the kind of guy who usually makes fun of people.

12. He treats you worse than he treats others

I don’t mean he offends you or puts you down. But maybe he ignores you, he teases you, he always finds a way to argue with you. Yes, it’s not the great treatment you’d expect from a man who likes you, but he is still treating you differently than everybody else. That’s saying something.

13. He doesn’t want to share problems with you

If he thinks of you like his potential girlfriend, why does he never talk about his problems with you, even when you try to discuss it and give him advice? Because men don’t think this way.

If he likes you, he wants to be strong for you, invincible even. He doesn’t want you to know that he has problems he doesn’t know how to solve.

Not yet anyway.

14. When he talks to you, he keeps it short

He initiates a conversation, but he keeps it short? The important part is that he initiates it, that he talks to you, that he asks you questions. If he always backs up just when the thing starts to get interesting for you, don’t worry, he probably just doesn’t want to show how much he likes you.

15. He asks where you’ll be, but doesn’t always show up

Sometimes guys randomly show up where you least expect them, other times they don’t show up at all, even though you do expect them. If he often asks you where you’ll be, that’s a good enough sign he likes you. Just because he’s not always where you are doesn’t mean he’s playing games, it could mean he’s busy, he has a life (which is good), but he’s always trying to make space for you in it when he can.

16. He doesn’t tell you he likes you

Boys are supposed to tell you, just because they’re boys, right? Wrong. Guys also have a fear of getting hurt or rejected. Give him some time. In some cases maybe even tell him first.

17. He always looks great when you see him

Isn’t it a great coincidence that every time you’re around he’s dressed accordingly, freshly shaved, his hair is perfect and he smells nice? True, for some men their looks are just very important, but for most looking that good could only be inspired by a woman they’re crazy about.

18. He bad-mouths his friends

Not in a horrible way, but you often find him talking about how this one is still in love with his ex, or that one sleeps with everything that moves. What he’s doing is trying to keep you away from any other man but himself.

19. You argue about the stupidest things

If he likes you, he’s supposed to agree with you? Wrong. If you like him, you’re supposed to agree with him? Also wrong. In fact, it’s best to argue now, to see if you can ever find a way to be with each other or not. As far as signs he likes you go, it’s talking that matters. If he wants to talk to you about everything, even if it is to pick up a fight, he may actually like you.

20. His attitude towards you frequently changes

“You’re hot then you’re cold, you’re yes then you’re no…” Men do this. They’re afraid of getting hurt, they’re afraid of coming off weak, so the moment they feel they start to show you or tell you too much, they take a step back and act “cool” for a while. This doesn’t mean he has lost interest, but it does mean he needs to man up a bit.

21. You barely ever catch him looking at you

But you do, don’t you? Most men who really like a girl like to look at her from afar in the beginning and will turn away the moment they so much as think you may notice them. What I’m saying is that if you catch him looking at you at all, imagine how many times he’s been looking that you haven’t noticed.

22. In spite of everything, your gut feeling tells you he likes you

Ahh, your gut feeling. How do you not mistake that for really wanting to believe in something? It’s simple. Say to yourself “He doesn’t like me” and see how it feels from the inside. If your inner voice tells you “Yeah, unfortunately, he probably doesn’t” then move on. But it tells you sarcastically, “Yeah, right!” then don’t give up on him.

23. Sometimes, it feels like he’s holding back from saying something

You may think he’s holding back because he doesn’t want to share with you, because he doesn’t feel you close enough, but what if he’s holding back because he doesn’t want to seem weak? Or because he likes you so much he can’t even control himself around you, so he chooses to back off? Think about the situations and the talks when you felt he’s holding back and you’ll know the truth.

24. He smiles a lot when you’re around

“When I saw you, I fell in love with you. And you smiled because you knew.” ~ William Shakesphere (Tweet this)

If he’s always smiling when he sees you, that’s the one thing he can’t lie about. Even if he’s a positive person in general, everyone has moments when they don’t feel like smiling. If you haven’t caught him in a moment like this, chances are he can’t be in a bad mood and be around you at the same time.

25. His friends treat you really well (sometimes better than he does)

He could behave like a kid in a schoolyard all he wants, but if he has told his friends about you, chances are they’ll treat you really well because they know you’ll be their boy’s girl one day.


We hope these ‘25 signs a guy likes you‘ has boosted your guts to go to him and speak your heart out.  Don’t forget that these signs are really subtle and other than him liking you, there may be a thousand other reasons for each of them. You must see at least half of those to conclude he has a crush on you. If you do though, it’s affirmative.

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