7 Love Signs That Tell A Guy Likes You

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Here’s what you need to know about men and women: women are crazy, men are stupid. And the main reason women are crazy is that men are stupid. ~ George Carlin (Tweet this)

There is so much truth in this quote. It is easy to notice in most types of communication between a man and a woman and especially while the woman is trying to figure out if a man likes her.

When it comes to this, there are “actual hints which are the signs a guy likes you” and there are the so-called “wannabe” signs. And women often go crazy trying to differentiate one from the other. Below are the ‘7 Love Signs A Guy Likes You‘ as examples of those two types.

7 Love Signs A Guy Likes You

Love sign #1

Eye contact for longer than five seconds.

This also may be also true for shorter, but repeated eye contact. Men are visual creatures and keeping their eyes on you means “I like what I see and I’m interested.” Once you know that, it’s your decision whether to approach him or keep the eye contact until he decides to approach you.

Wannabe sign

If your eyes met and he turned his look away, stop hoping. Even if you seem attractive to him, he may not be interested in initiating a flirt at the moment. This is also applicable when you know him and he just looks at you and nods in a crowded room. This is mostly being friendly, as much as you want to translate it into something else.

Love sign #2

He compliments you often.

If he always finds something good to say about you, that’s definitely a plus. Just as Michael Bolton’s singing, “when a man loves a woman she can do no wrong.” So every time he sees you, he may find a way to give you a compliment, whether it is about your look or smarts.

If you can honestly say he compliments you about 70-80% of the times you see him, he’s definitely attracted. Keep in mind that not all guys will do that though. There are men who could be madly in love with you and never tell you a kind word. So if compliments are there, great . . . but if not, do not despair.

Wannabe sign

If he mentioned you look good that one time, this is not a sign that he likes you. It may be that he likes women in tight red dresses and that evening you were wearing one. So stop over-thinking it.

Love Sign #3

If he organizes an event or a party and he likes you, he will do everything he can so that you attend.

Do you remember when Ted threw three parties in a row just so that Robin can show up in “How I Met Your Mother”? This is obviously exaggerated, but it’s exactly what I mean.

If it’s important to him that you are there, he will be open to changing his plans and he may insist that others change theirs too. That’s a good way to know he’s onto you and these are great love signs a guy likes you.

Wannabe Sign

If he mentions that there’s this party he’s throwing and says “Hey, you want to come?”, that’s not exactly an invitation. It’s more about “the more the merrier” attitude. It would be easier for you to spot the difference if you say something like “I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to make it.

You still have the option to go, but you’re also able to test how much he cares. Keep in mind there’s a difference between being kind and expressing regret that you won’t be able to join them and being really disappointed. If you leave that to your intuition, I’m sure it will see the difference.

Love Sign #4

Let’s keep the party theme.

If you’re partying with a lot of people and he spends a big portion of his time with you, you guessed it, it is one of the actual love signs.

This is where friend zones and actual attraction often get mixed up. Sometimes you spend your time with a person just because you enjoy their company, not necessarily because you like them in that way. However, with the guys, this is rarely the case. If he spends a lot of time with you having in mind there are many other friends and girls around, then there’s more to it.

Wannabe Sign

At the same party, if he talks to you for a while, this is just him being a normal human being. When you like someone, it’s easy to get carried away and translate everything into him like your back. So try not to focus on everything he says and just have fun.

Love Sign #5

If he calls you to go out with you, it’s obvious he enjoys your company.

In theory, calling you for a drink could be a friendly thing, but I have never seen a boy and a girl spending a lot of time alone together without it going further. So if these “dates” happen often, there is potential for a relationship.

Wannabe Sign

He agrees to go out when you call. While this could still mean he enjoys your company, the fact is a guy who likes you will be the one to take action. If he’s rather passive, this will translate in the other parts of the potential relationship too, so ask yourself are you fine with that. Would you be the one to always push for the next step?

Love Sign #6

Remembering details about you,  which is one of the most romantic signs a guy likes you!

If he remembers what’s your favorite kind of chocolate, what’s your drink, what’s the music you like and your favorite movie, there’s a reason you occupy such a big part of his mind. You can easily find out if he remembers those things in a casual conversation.

The boy who likes you will want to show you he remembers those details because he can declare his feelings in that subtle way.

Wannabe Sign

Remembering important information for you. If he remembers where you study or your workplace that does not necessarily need to be one of the signs a guy likes you. Maybe he has a good memory or he went to the same school. So don’t go all dreamy over that.

Love Sign #7

If he tells you he likes you, this kind of speaks for itself.

Whether you’re 13 or 33, the man of your dreams probably has issues expressing his feelings. So if the words have come out of his mouth, you should give him some credit. It’s probably the truth.

If you have problems being an introvert in this situation, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Here are some super useful tips on ‘How To Tell Someone You Like Them‘.

Wannabe Sign

Being kind when you tell him you like him. If you have gained the courage to tell the boy you like about your feelings, good for you. You are a really brave person and that is a useful quality. There are guys out there who may need that push to get involved with you.

But I assure you there is not one guy out there who, hearing the words, will just be kind about it if he likes you back. So if he’s only trying not to hurt your feelings, it’s best to forget about him. I know it sounds difficult to do but I assure you it is for the best. Try to focus on someone or something that deserves your attention.

Based on what you read, do you see some actual love signs a guy likes you in your relationship? Do you think he likes you? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment below and let us know.



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