Self Healing

Self Healing

Want to know one of the greatest practical benefits you could derive from Meditation? Self healing. As we go through life, several wounds leave their mark on our soul. We shove the matter aside, on the outside, and move on to other pressing tasks and agendas but continue feeling the pain inside, at the subconscious level.

From time to time, whenever the memory of the painful experiences of the past rises to the surface, we experience hurt, anger, jealousy, hatred and such negative emotions according to the nature of the experience.

The Balm

Thankfully, there is some medicine available for the wounds of our soul. When we meditate and connect with the Almighty, we experience a different realm of existence altogether.

The powerful positive vibrations that get produced in our mind during meditation act as a balm that heals such wounds in a natural manner. Thinking about any particular painful past experience in that meditative state allows us to see the experience in its right perspective and let it go.

Your body’s system is what cures. Doctors and medicine support the process, but the body is the healing engine. Support this system: eat well, breathe well, sleep well, and exercise.

If the pain from the experience was a very deep one, you might need to bring it up in your thoughts during several meditation sessions. The positive healing energy one experiences during meditation, often described as ‘Bliss’ by many, heals our pain in a soothing and loving manner just like a mother soothes her little one after he gets hurt. When we remain peaceful and positive throughout the day thanks to the meditation we practiced, our mind remains free of negativity and pain.

An Unwelcome Change

Smita was an attractive young woman who used to take care of her appearance and indulge in the latest fashion wear and accessories. She was proud of the way she looked and her self-esteem was hugely dependent upon her appearance. Unfortunately, at the tender age of 22, she got several burns on her skin after an accident in her home’s kitchen.

The doctor told her that she was lucky to have escaped with only some burns on her face. It took her a long time to recover from the incident psychologically and she felt extremely sad at losing her precious good looks. She felt jealous and depressed every time she saw other girls her age look pretty and normal.

A friend advised her to connect with the Almighty and meditate to recover from the experience. After several such sessions, she was able to come to terms with the experience and live life a lot more meaningfully than she did earlier.

Conclusion – Self Healing

Empowered with love and positive energy from the connection with our soul and the Almighty, we are able to let go of the hurt and the anger from the past and create beauty in our minds. What could be better than beautiful, peaceful and happy thoughts consistently in one’s mind? There is no better recipe for successful and content living.

The more deeply we meditate, the more effective will be our healing. There is a huge sense of power one experiences from Meditation. This power enables us to focus our mind on positive aspects and remain peaceful. Meditation is the land of infinite liberty where, beyond the mortal body, your consciousness is free.

Meditation will also help you control positive energy and enable polarity healing, where healing energy is transferred from one part of the body to another. There are several breathing exercises that you can practice with meditation, as they will assist in healing the entire body.

By directing awareness, you can direct positive intention toward the condition and initiate a self healing process.


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Supradeep Mukherjee is an author, trainer and broadcaster. Educated at Hindu College and the Delhi School of Economics, he has consulted with a number of corporate organisations, radio stations and academic institutions. His areas of interest include Personal Development, Parenting, Relationships and Lessons in Living from Mythology.

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