Self-Discipline is the Key to Success

Self Discipline

What exactly is Self-discipline? The ability to do what you have to do without getting deterred by your emotional state is self-discipline. Some have it and some don’t. Among those who do have this ability are some who have remarkable amounts of this ability and they are the ones who reap the dividends from their efforts in the form of success and achievement in whichever area they set their mind to.

Where you stand on the continuum of indiscipline and self discipline is something you can judge the best.

The first and best victory is to conquer self. ~ Plato (Tweet this)

Self-Discipline of Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli – A Study in Contrast

Sachin and Kambli both burst into the international scene after many world-record-breaking batting partnerships in school and junior cricket—some of those records dating back to the 1980s and 1990s still stand! Vinod Kambli’s initial career on the international stage was more successful than Sachin’s. In fact, it still remains one of the most successful initial runs in the world of cricket.

While Sachin displayed immense self-discipline in sweating it out in the nets much more than any other Indian or foreign batsman, Kambli lost his way as the initial successes got to his head.

He was embroiled in a series of off-the-field indulgences and controversies that removed his focus from training. Inevitably, this had an impact on his performance on the field.

Sachin has always been famous for his doggedness and work ethic. When it would rain in England (which was often) and the rest of the members of the team would be found watching television or lounging around, Sachin would be doggedly practicing playing bouncy pitches by hitting a tennis ball against the wall! This quality of self-discipline, coupled with his talent, has kept Sachin at the summit of international cricket consistently for 22 years now.

From One Achievement to Another

People who possess self-discipline are able to set goals and work towards them with perseverance without getting deterred by minor challenges or de-motivation.

There are so many people who want to achieve their dreams but how many are actually able to work towards their desired goal with focused effort and discipline without getting deterred somewhere along the way for one reason or another?

On the other hand, people who are able to control their mind and channel their energies into a predetermined goal go from one success to another. There is a certain spirit that facilitates the achievements of their goals and the root cause behind that spirit is the confidence that comes from self-discipline.

They know they can accomplish any reasonable goal they set for themselves since they have the self-discipline to pursue that goal in the right manner. Could there be a better recipe for happiness?

Final thoughts on self-discipline

If you are on the path of personal development, one of the best abilities you should strive to acquire is self-discipline. Set a goal, personal or professional, and work towards it with your self-discipline.

Don’t allow excuses, de-motivation or obstacles to get in the way. Reach your goal by dint of hard work and self-discipline and you will feel on top of the world. Remember, there are no shortcuts to success and there are no substitutes for hard work either.

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