Problem Solving Skills

Problem Solving Skills

Heard about the much talked about “Law of Attraction?” The law is based on the belief that whatever you focus on is what gets attracted to you in life. Good problem solving skills will help you attract the best in life.

If you fill your mental space with negative thoughts related to worry, anxiety, stress, jealousy and the like, you will tend to attract negative situations and people into your life. The opposite, thankfully, also holds true according to the law.

I ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders. ~ Jewish Proverb (Tweet this)

Divert your Attention from Problems to Solutions

One of the greatest points of wisdom is that there are very few objective truths in life. Whatever you give importance to becomes important and whatever you dismiss gets dismissed.

If one has negative thoughts circling around in one’s head most of the time, whatever positive aspects do exist in a person’s life become as good as not being there since he does not give any credit to them in his mind.

People who tend to think about a certain problem excessively form a negative mental habit of making small problems into mountains thereby making them seem unconquerable. Such thoughts suck up all the fun and positivity from life and also absorb all the mental energy a person has.

There is no energy left to think about solutions or other possibilities. When we clear our mind and consider solutions to any given problem, we are able to think of out-of-the box solutions that may not have occurred to us earlier. So enhance your problem solving skills and take things in your stride with confidence and positive energy.

A Mountain Made into a Molehill

“Where there is a will, there is a way” is the quote that comes to mind when we learn about the inspiring story of Dr. Lokesh Balhara and his problem solving skills.

Dr. Balhara got affected by Polio as a child. His will to make his own (and other handicapped people’s) life more convenient inspired him to design a special car that can be driven by handicapped people. He even received the Indian President’s award for this innovation.

Instead of waiting around for someone else to develop a car to suit the needs of handicapped people, Dr. Balhara decided to take things in his own hands and achieve what he wanted and needed with a creative solution.

How many handicapped people would have had the psychological and mental resources needed to achieve such a feat? A mountain made into a molehill, thanks to a great attitude!

Conclusion – Problem Solving Skills

Worrying about problems is not going to solve them. Think about the problem at hand, focus on developing a solution and then work towards the solution with gusto. Problem solving skills are an invaluable asset which help us live our life well.

Don’t develop the habit of sitting on the problem and making it bigger and bigger in your mind since that is a vicious cycle which is completely useless. Effective problem-solving skills are a must-have if you want to live life well.

There is a certain joy that you can derive when you get adept at solving problems. Problems don’t exist in life to bog us down, they exist to give us opportunities to grow. They need to be looked at in the right perspective and handled accordingly. So use up all the problem solving skills you’ve got to simplify your life!

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