5 Tips To Overcoming Difficult Times

Difficult Times

Difficult times are a part of life. Overcoming them brings growth. All sun, as they say, makes desert. Life is like a sea of both high tides and low. Know this, and manage your adversities happily.  The courageous sailor sails through the tides and reaches the shore safely. Difficult times are bound to come. Sometimes they come in the shape of a severe blow, other times in the shape of little obstacles. In either shape, they don’t spare anyone.

Every person experiences them either in the form of joblessness, illness, business loss, strained relationships or the unexpected demise of loved one. It is for you to decide ‘how you take it.’

The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore. ~Vincent Van Gogh (Tweet this)

Choose Between the Two

The ability to handle the difficult times differs from person to person. Now it is up to you to decide between the two:

  1. Either to kneel down due to the fear of failure or anger which will only add on more problems
  2. stand firm, not give up and move forward to reach a new horizon.

Sarah (name changed) was only twenty-five when her husband died leaving behind a three-year-old son and a one-year-old daughter. She was given a job as a clerk on compassionate grounds. To maintain a balance between her kids and the office was her main worry. For the sake of her children she decided to fight and manage adversities happily like a soldier.

Not only did she provide them with a good education and upbringing but she also continued her own studies. Eventually she passed departmental exams and retired at the high post of inspector. Her daughter got married in a very good family, but God was not kind enough. Her son died in a road accident.

I felt very sorry for her but she surprised me saying “When you cry nobody cries with you but when you laugh everybody is with you. So because I don’t want to be alone, I have learned to face life with smiling face.” Unknowingly she taught me the greatest lesson of life “how to manage difficult times happily.”

Now when we know how to manage adversities happily we should also understand that difficult times are part and parcel of life let us find some tips to face them.

1. Fight back

Sometimes circumstances are beyond your control which does not mean to stop fighting. Failures do not mean that you are supposed to give up. They are just an opportunity for you to begin again intelligently.

2. Stay calm

Stay calm and don’t lose your patience. You will be able to find the right solution only in a stable state of mind. Remember impossible means “I am possible.” This will give you the strength to find the right path.

3. Seek help

In difficult times, moral or financial help from those near and dear count a lot. So don’t feel shy when seeking help from them. To win the war you definitely need an army.

4. Prioritize your problem

When surrounded by a group of problems, prioritize them. My husband was in the hospital for an operation and my son was also running high fever. Both needed my attention. But I attended my husband first understanding that there were people at home that could look after my son. Prioritization helps a lot.

5. Be thankful to God

Be thankful and count God’s blessing. Be grateful for the people and things that he has blessed you with. It will give you inner strength and peace of mind.

Conclusion: Overcoming Difficult Times

Difficult times are like a mirror which shows you the true picture of life. It makes you a true fighter to shape you as a confident, self-sufficient, strong and spiritual personality. So be brave and handle it.


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Vandana is a Personality Enhancement Trainer associated with various Corporate and Management Colleges.

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