Never Quit – How to Resist the Urge to Quit

Never quit

The urge to quit only creeps up when you have toiled in the sun, and tried to achieve your goals through sweat, blood, time and tears and after all this you do not have what you wanted. Then quitting is the foremost thing on your mind. But listen: Never Quit

At the very least, think before you quit. Quitting is easy, continuing and focusing on your task is difficult, yet fruitful.

Any task you take at hand or any commitment you need to follow is always an emotional journey, under which people give in to their temptations to quit. Our minds get blocked with all types of fear like fear of success, of being judged, of losing, or gaining etc. However, there is always hope for you to succeed in whatever you do. It is the light of achievement and beckons you to pull yourself together and get through the darkest hour.

Here are some useful tips to help you “Never Quit.”

Believe in today

Tomorrow cannot be predicted so what you have is today. Believe in today is what your motivation should be. Many of us have a tendency to live or think about the “future” when it concerns about the dreams or our goals and we usually tend to forget that what is to be achieved in the future should be worked on “today”.

If we quit today there is no tomorrow. All the more reason to “Never Quit.” There is one advantage of “today” that we do not have to achieve any goal today; we only have to work today. It means our job is to work in the present and forget about everything else. While working do not worry about results as excessive thinking or excessive worrying weakens your energy level.

Still, if you want to quit, take a day off and analyze your achievements thus far. I am sure, if you have been working as per your schedule, your achievements would be good enough to encourage you and you will not think of quitting at all. Keep in mind that the present is the most powerful tool you have in your hands; do not waste it by thinking of the future.

Simply take action

Action makes things happen around a “goal” to achieve it. If there is consistent action and you quit suddenly, then things are going to be hard to come back to normal. You lose momentum. Therefore when you have the urge to quit . . . simply take action. You’ll immediately notice changes in small things due to these actions.

And if this is consistent you will definitely see compounding effect in the near future. Even the smallest action can ignite the fire to bring back your lost hope. Again: “never quit.”

Review your achievements

Do not be harsh on yourself. Simply do not look at things that are not accomplished, or all the things that are wrong, or the things that you do not have. This defeats the purpose of accomplishing anything worthwhile.

Stay away from negative thoughts and look at what you have achieved so far. When you are on the verge of quitting, look at your progress and you will feel happy about it. If the goal is a touchdown, never attempt to look at the distance you have to go, but at how many yards you already accomplished. This is enough to motivate you.

Think differently

If things are not going your way, then it is time to take a different turn. Sometimes one small adjustment can go a long way in making you achieve them quickly. Experimentation is a great way to resist the urge to quit. Try different things at different times.

Never Quit – Conclusion

The urge to quit is something you may experience in life. Resists it and you will make your way to the end. Never quit.


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