Negativity Trap can be Avoided

Negativity Trap

Anyone who has ever experienced a somewhat depressive state of mind will know how difficult it seems to emerge out of such a state of mind, especially when one is in the grip of negative thoughts.

For some of us, such an experience might last for a few hours or for a few days yet for some others such a mood might last for years altogether.

Though one tries to get out of such a bad mood since it is hardly pleasant to experience such negative emotions for anyone, many times one simply feels helpless in the face of it all.

The Negativity Trap

Any negative incident or experience in life can trigger a cycle of negativity in one’s life. This is because one’s mind becomes full of negative thoughts in respect to one person or a few people.

Since one becomes full of negative thoughts, one’s entire life experience can become a negative and depressing experience. No matter what that person does, he/she is unable to break the negativity trap that was a result of just one incident or one person.

A Lonely Life

She went out for dinner with Nitin once and consented to the marriage. The couple moved to the USA after marriage and started their new life. Nitin was a workaholic who spent close to 13 to 14 hours at work everyday. Even on weekends, he worked from home for a similar duration.

Madhu did not have any family members in the US and Nitin’s lack of attention started having a negative impact on her soon after marriage. Nitin’s personality did not help matters since he was introverted and did not have any hobbies to speak of either. Neither did he demonstrate much interest in Madhu. The only thing he was truly interested in was his work.

Madhu tried enriching her life through friends and hobbies and this kept her busy most of the time but she couldn’t run away from the emptiness she felt in her new life. She was so disappointed with the quality of her relationship with Nitin and her new life that she started experiencing negative mood swings.

No matter how much she tried, she could not fight her negative moods. Not able to sort out her life, she resorted to consuming anti-depressants to get herself to go from day to day.

An Effective Remedy for Negativity

Anti-depressants, however, don’t solve the problem of Negativity. They might provide temporary relief from the inner pain but as soon as those artificial chemicals get flushed out of the body, the same pattern of negative thoughts resumes and one is back where one started.

A more solid and lasting remedy for a negative mood are to get in touch with the pain so one understands what exactly is responsible for the inner unrest with a lot of clarity. Writing a personal diary or a journal is a reliable method of getting in touch with the pain and facing it bravely.

Running away from the pain and trying to find peace in other pursuits is never going to solve the pain completely. Face the pain and get in touch with your feelings which might otherwise seem too confusing and difficult to comprehend.

Write about the issue or pain in great detail—what were your expectations, why did you feel hurt? Try to be as specific and honest as possible while doing this. When you write your feelings down this way, you can use the resources of your conscious mind to get free of the inner turmoil.

Counsel yourself (as you would for any friend in need) after understanding your pain and then feel the pain disappear slowly but surely. Anytime any person or experience causes you inner pain that could distress you for days, months (or years altogether if left untreated), do the writing therapy this way and experience comfort from negativity.

Final thoughts on the Negativity trap

Don’t distract yourself by buying fancy things or going on expensive vacations the next time you feel troubled hoping that those things will take care of your inner pain. They might, like anti-depressants, provide temporary relief, but they won’t take care of the real issue.

Journal! Nurture your emotions as you would your children and counsel your mind and thoughts as you would a friend and you will be on your way to feeling truly calm and comfortable.

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