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Midlife Crisis

Midlife, the stage of life between the ages of 40 to 60, is a time for intense turmoil for many. The dreaded midlife crisis strikes individuals mostly when they enter their roaring forties. Not to be taken lightly, this is a very real crisis and is capable of breaking apart a long term committed relationship.

Pitfalls to avoid

Both men and women can undergo a midlife crisis, unlike the general perception that it is men who suffer it more. Why is it that some people are stricken by it, and some are not?

It has been observed that individuals who have spent fulfilling lives in trying to attain their goals and in pursuing hobbies which give them their ‘me-time’ are less likely to be disheartened. While, people who have merely concentrated on trying to satisfy some one else’s needs, i.e., having no time for themselves, are more prone to frustrations.

For example, women who have only concentrated on the home and hearth all this while, may suffer from existential angst and might start questioning their choices, which previously had made them perfectly happy.

Also, over a period of time we are likely to take our close relationships for granted as they tend to become a part of a comfortable routine. It is human nature that we start looking for excitement and novelty to tide over this boredom. No wonder, this is the time when most divorces and estrangements happen.

Fear of aging and being perceived as less attractive to the opposite sex is also one of the key reasons for midlife crisis. In order to feel young and desired, most people commit the mistake of having an affair, which in turn ends up destroying one’s long term relationship based on love and commitment.


Any crisis, they say, is a window to make things better. This includes the midlife crisis as well. So instead of feeling martyred and slighted, one should try and take the sometimes inevitable midlife crisis as an opportunity to address the pain points. Being in denial never helps, and if one truly wants to salvage and make the relationship stronger, one has to give the issue some deep thought.

Being an optimist, I believe that one should always try with all honestly and belief that there is a bright dawn waiting, after the dark night.

  1. A cheerful and positive attitude makes it easier to handle situations. As humans, we are bestowed with the power of making thoughtful decisions.
  2. Communicate. If talking about problems is difficult, then try going for a short holiday to unwind, relax and talk. Get away from life’s daily pressures.
  3. Another important aspect of a relationship we tend to overlook is physical closeness. We tend to underestimate its power and think it is not important in a loving long-term relationship. It always is, hence don’t forget to address this issue.

So don’t get browbeaten by a midlife crisis and its frustrations. Shake off the feeling of self pity and count your blessings (a simple act which we always forget to do). Time spent walking through the lanes of the bygone happier times, could make you feel worthy and make better choices.

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