10 Spontaneous Date Night Ideas

date night ideas

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One of the most important things you can do in your relationship is keep things interesting. It is important to make sure you spice up your relationship even before it has the chance to grow stagnant. Trying out different date night ideas are just some of the many ways to revive an old relationship and/or keep a new relationship feeling young.

Simple and romantic date night ideas

Old fashioned, traditional, date night ideas are great and it is important to make sure you schedule in time for one another. Equally as important however, and often overlooked, are the beauty of spontaneous date night ideas. Here are some great spontaneous date night ideas that will keep everyone satisfied and happily invested in their love.

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1. Watch the sunrise

Sure, watching a sunrise requires waking up earlier than most people enjoy waking up, but it is really important to work in a few “surprise” dates into your relationship. Whether this be a secret “I set the alarm early on purpose” date or something that comes naturally—as in, both parties woke up early sans alarm—watching the sunrise is a very romantic thing to do. And hey, there are always naps later.

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2. Get local!

How many times have you and your significant other talked about going out and becoming more involved in the community? Chances are, you both enjoy the town or city or country you live in. Why not get to know it better? Check your local listings on a Friday afternoon and make a spur-of-the-moment decision to go see a local band, support a local charity, or check out that “art walk” you have always wanted to check out. There are usually many things to do within a community and doing them together will make you feel closer to your town as well as to each other.

3. Try something new

Doing something spontaneously doesn’t always mean doing something you’re familiar with. Part of being spontaneous is being adventurous, and what better person to have an adventure with than your other half? Go take a pottery class on a whim or call some friends to go salsa dancing. Whatever you are trying, trying it together is the important part.

4. Play like children

When is the last time you played basketball or softball? When is the last time you tried the monkey bars or swung around on the high bars? Playgrounds are a ton of fun—not just for kids. Surprise your partner by taking them to have some good ol’ fashioned fun. You are both guaranteed to have a great time.

5. Buy plane tickets

If you can afford to do something this spontaneous, why not go for it? You don’t necessarily have to fly to a different country, but even the next biggest city is an exciting adventure. Rent an Air B ‘n’ B or a traditional bed and breakfast and take a trip that was not planned out. Weekend trips are exciting and the spontaneous ones are even better.

Extra tip: Instead of an airplane, a bus can add in an element of adventure and a train can add in some romance.

6. See more than one movie

Have you ever gone to the movie theater and left wanting more? Why not hop up to the ticket booth and see the next showing of something else? Movie dates are certainly classic for a reason, but be spontaneous and surprise your date with a double (or triple!) feature. Movie-lovers will be in heaven.

7. Rent a hotel room in your own town

My community is home to some of the most well-known and beautiful hotels in the state, but I may never take advantage of them. Though some people might have a hard time spending money on a hotel located down the street from their home, there is something very romantic about a hotel room. Get room service, or check out the hotel’s onsite restaurant, and stay the night! Feeling like you are away from home minus the travel time is a great spontaneous idea. Even better: make it a weeknight! Your partner will never expect it.

8. Make dessert

Making dinner together is a common date night idea (and a great one, always) but what about dessert? Surprise your partner with cookie- or cake-making ingredients and have a fun night! You can make it even more playful by tasking your partner with making one kind of cookie while you make another to compare them. The best part of this date idea is that you ends with lots of delicious baked goods!

9. Write each other letters

Some of us are good at reminding each other how we feel about one another, but some of us need work. Many people feel more comfortable writing out their feelings, so why not have a letter writing night? Similar to renewing your vows, writing each other letters detailing how you feel is such a romantic, peaceful, and kind thing to do. Have dinner and wine, put your phones away, and let the words flow onto the page.

10. Play a game

Do you own any board games? Next time you are at the store, search for a pack of cards or the latest edition of Monopoly and surprise your partner with it. Playing games is a great way to spend time together without watching the television or spending money out. Game nights with friends are tons of fun, but it is even more fun to sit down with your partner and spend a few hours exercising your minds together.

Final thoughts

Date nights are wonderful—from the extravagant to the simple. The more spontaneous, the better! Treat your partner—and yourself—to something really special.

Have we missed anything? What spontaneous date night ideas do you have? Tell us in the comments below and we’ll answer back to as many as we can!


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